Trane offers a variety of single-stage and two-stage gas furnaces. Of the models we looked at, only one is a modulating gas heater, which is significantly fewer than most top-rated gas furnace providers have. The modulating model operates at an AFUE rating of 97.3 percent, which is highly efficient. Trane also has a variety of single-stage furnaces and two-stage furnaces. The single-stage furnaces' AFUE ratings range from 80 percent to 95 percent, while the two-stage models perform between 80 percent and 96.7 percent. Few of Trane's gas furnaces are certified by Energy Star.

Trane does not offer a standard warranty for its gas furnaces. Instead, the warranties vary between 20 years and a lifetime for the heat exchanger. All of the parts warranties for the gas furnaces are 10 years. In order to receive full protection, you must register your product within 60 days of installation. You can also upgrade to the Optimal Extended Warranty, which covers labor and other costs not covered by the manufacturer's limited warranty.

The XC95M is the only fully modulating furnace that Trane manufactures. This gas furnace constantly calibrates itself for optimal performance. It has a rating of up to 97.3 percent efficiency and is certified by Energy Star. With a variable-speed blower, the motor adjusts the speed to provide a consistent flow of warm air quietly. This gas furnace also dehumidifies the air when necessary and is compatible with ERVs, humidifiers and air cleaners.

The two-stage XV95 is rated up to 97 percent AFUE and Energy Star certified. This model is more affordable than Trane's modulating gas furnace and still provides you with significant savings on your energy bill. It has a variable-speed blower that effectively warms up your home, and, with an insulated cabinet, the furnace operates quietly.

Trane's XR95 gas furnace offers the highest energy efficiency for a single-stage furnace. The unit features a 95 percent AFUE rating, ensuring that more of the money you pay on your energy bill is actually used to heat your home. It uses a multi-speed blower motor to heat up your home effectively and operates quietly thanks to the heavy steel cabinet that insulates the furnace.

As a longstanding company, Trane provides a variety of single- and two-stage gas furnaces. While it only offers one modulating furnace, all of its models are energy-efficient and help lower your overall energy bill. With the robust warranties and the option to extend your coverage, you can plan on efficiency and dependability with Trane's forced air heating furnaces.

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