For sheer simplicity, it’s hard to beat the Cuisinart VS-100 food vacuum sealer. This compact but powerful appliance has only three buttons to operate, which takes the guesswork out of food sealing.

The three vacuuming options are “seal only,” “vacuum/seal,” and “canister only,” and all you do is push the correct button for what you want to seal. The instant seal is best for delicate foods such as blueberries, cupcakes and breads. Using the “vacuum/seal” option, you can create a standard seal for your food. Finally, the “canister only” option sucks air out of canister accessory containers, which you need to buy separately. Each option has its own cancel button, so you it’s easy to end the vacuum sealing process before it finishes if you need to.

To work the machine, you simply prepare and bag your food, place the edge of the bag under the easy locking lid, and choose the best vacuum option. The extra-wide vacuum sealer strip locks your bag securely, which prevents freezer burn, maintains freshness and extends the longevity of your food. You can save plenty of money on groceries by vacuum sealing veggies from your own garden, bulk foods from the grocery store and items that you’ve purchased on sale.

This Cuisinart vacuum sealer has a built-in accessory port you use to attach the vacuum hose to seal food in the separately purchased canisters. The VS-100’s starter kit includes two 11 x 10-inch rolls of plastic to make custom-sized bags as well as two 8 x 10-inch rolls of plastic. You can store the small hand-held bag cutter and the vacuum hose inside the appliance, which saves you the hassle of rummaging through kitchen drawers to find them. The vacuum food saver comes with a drip tray that sits underneath it to catch any food or liquid that drops during the sealing process, keeping your workspace clean.

One of this vacuum food sealer’s drawbacks is that the power cord is very short, which limits where you can use it. Also, although the VS-100 houses both the bag cutter and vacuum hose, it doesn’t store the actual rolls of plastic for making bags. Despite these small flaws, the Cuisinart VS-100 is powerful, well-designed and an overall great option if you want a simple vacuum sealer with a variety of sealing options.

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