If you have limited counter space but still want to preserve plenty of foods through vacuum sealing, the tall-but-slim FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer might be the best choice for your kitchen. Unlike most other food savers, this machine gives you a vertical, upright design that takes up little counter space, but it can still handle gallon-sized bags. Its dimensions are 10.7 inches long, 9.13 inches wide and 18.6 inches high, so it isn’t exceptionally wide or long, and it can easily fit underneath most kitchen cupboards.

The V3240 vacuum food sealer is a convenient and versatile machine. It is designed to hold a roll of plastic bagging material so you can use the sliding cutting device to trim bags that precisely fit the foods you want to preserve, whether it’s big hunks of beefsteak or some slender trout fillets.

The FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer comes as a starter kit that includes six of the manufacturer’s specially designed, multi-layer bags for you to try. You can buy others later if you find they work well for you. According to FoodSaver, its bags – whether homemade with the machine or premade – can keep your food fresh up to five times longer than traditional storage methods.

The package includes quart-size and gallon-size bags, a FoodSaver bag roll of bag-making material, an accessory hose and a hose vacuum port. You can use the port and hose to seal optional FoodSaver canisters of food as well as marinate food in just minutes.

With this machine, you can choose between two different vacuum speeds based on the type of food you want to seal, and you simply press either the “seal” or “vacuum/seal” button. With some vacuum food savers, the machine may suck moisture from wetter foods into the machine and that produces a flawed seal. However, you can avoid this problem with the FoodSaver V3240 because it lets you adjust the sealing level by selecting the right vacuum speed.

The V3240 sealing system also is helpful because of its CrushFree instant seal, which protects more delicate food during the sealing process. This vacuum food saver operates relatively quietly compared to many other machines on the market, which is certainly welcome if you’re planning to spend a while in the kitchen putting away a huge load of fresh garden vegetables or plenty of bulk foods that you got on sale.

This food vacuum sealer seals your bags with an extra-wide strip, further preventing any leaks after sealing. A patented, removable and dishwasher-safe drip tray is included to catch excess liquids and food droppings. This tray makes cleanup easy and ensures a sanitary workspace.

The V3240 Vacuum Food Sealer can fit into nearly any kitchen, no matter how cramped for space. It offers several worthwhile features to help you preserve moist, dry or delicate foods, and you get a powerful, air-tight seal so food stays fresh for a long time.

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