The Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer is a big enough device to seal large quantities of food. It also is an affordable vacuum food sealer and is fully automatic, which means you can seal and save your food by touching a button.

To operate this vacuum food saver, you open the lid, place the open end of the bag in the vacuum chamber, close the lid and then press on both sides until you hear it click securely closed. The machine does the rest and will automatically shut off after completing the sealing process.

The VS-02 has a piston pump and a seal-only switch, which you can use to prevent delicate foods like pastries or berries from being crushed. If you want even tighter sealing for items like meat that can withstand greater pressure, you can switch the sealer into an extended seal mode. This sealer can adapt to what you are sealing; if you have thicker bags or wet items, the VS-02 will calculate extra seal time. This variety of options ensures that you can easily create the exact custom seal you want.

Another helpful feature of this vacuum food sealer is the internal roll storage compartment and built-in sliding bag cutter. Those familiar with food sealing know that it is helpful to have a bag roll and cutter handy because this saves you the task of prepping bags while also handling messy foods. This means you won’t have to deal with the hassle task of cutting your own bags with a flimsy plastic handheld cutter or with scissors.

The VS-02 comes with a starter kit that includes two rolls of bagging material that you can cut to custom sizes, five 8.66 x 11.8-inch bags, and five x 11.8-inch bags. This food sealer is compatible with bags and rolls up to 11.8 inches wide, so it can also handle larger batches of food.

One drawback of the Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer is the fact that it’s large, which means that it will take up more counter or storage space. However, the roll holder and bag cutter offer added convenience, as does the automation that provides easy sealing for whatever foods you are preserving. This is a good selection for an easy-to-handle vacuum sealer to add to your kitchen.

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