The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer B01N2HE2HD comes at a low price, but offers the helpful functions and accessories of more expensive vacuum food savers. This vacuum food sealer comes with a starter kit that includes the machine itself, a hose to put into a port on the machine so you can draw the air out of specially made canisters and containers (which you must buy separately), a wine stopper cork, five medium-sized bags and a long roll of vacuum bag material that you can cut to size to make customized bags for different things you want to store. This roll measures 7.8 inches by 79 inches.

In addition, the included bags and materials are waterproof and reusable, which is not always the case with food vacuum bags. Being able to reuse washed and dried vacuum seal bags will turn out to be quite a boon for your budget since you don’t have to keep buying new bags and discarding those you’ve used previously. And with this method you’ll probably never run out of vacuum food bags, either, since you can buy whatever is on sale at a grocery or wholesale outlet and have plenty on hand. This can handle bags with a maximum width of 11 inches.

This appliance is compact at 14.1 inches long, 6 inches wide and 3 inches high, and it weighs 2.93 pounds so it can easily be stored in a kitchen cupboard or drawer. It is easy to use with touch controls on top, although a few users have noted that it’s possible to accidentally change machine function settings unless you’re paying attention.

This NutriChef vacuum sealer employs two sealing modes, with one for dry foods and another for moist things. The dry mode is best for solid food items, and you can use the moist mode for a variety of foods, including such things as already cooked foods and leftovers. This vacuum food saver also works well if you want to flavor meats since the flavor of a marinade is easily infused into the beef, chicken, lamb or whatever you’re planning to cook.

Many people tend to think of freezing meat when considering vacuum food sealers, but these machines can handle much more, and the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer B01N2HE2HD is no exception. You can vacuum seal items such as nuts or cereals, then open the package, use what you want and reseal the remaining foods so they stay fresh longer. You can seal and save homemade meals that you freeze for healthy, quick eating once you get home from work, preserve garden vegetables and protect pantry standards like flour, sugar, rice, pasta and more.

In all, the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer B01N2HE2HD is an affordable vacuum food sealer that seals foods well, lets you use any brand of bag and offers an attachable vacuum hose to use on canisters.

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