The VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is a great choice for cooks who love to prepare and freeze soups and stews months ahead of time. It’s also a boon for hunters and fishers who want to seal moist, fresh meat and fish and not end up with a bag of ice crystals or freezer-burned food. This is a professional-quality chamber sealer, but anyone who hunts a lot can get plenty of use from this durable food saver at home.

Whether you're dealing with very moist venison steaks or pots of homemade cheese sauce ready to be bagged and sealed, this vacuum food saver can contain the valuable liquid and give you a good, solid seal so you can preserve foods securely and know that they'll be in great shape when you open them for cooking. Foods like soups can last as long as two years with this preservation method, and meats can stay fresh for three.

Chamber vacuum food sealer machines are often used by professionals because these machines offer a high suction level. However, the VacMaster VP210 is easy to use and safe for home, even if you have little experience with vacuum food sealers. The external kind of vacuum food saver permits you to seal just one end of a bag.

With a chamber sealer, you place your bagged food inside the chamber of the machine, close the lid and the air pressure reaches an ideal equilibrium. The air is sucked out of the chamber and your bag gets sealed. After that, air is released back into the chamber. You can credit the strong suction power of the VP210 vacuum food sealer in part to its built-in two-cylinder piston pump. This might sound complicated, but the sealing process doesn't take much time, ranging from a matter of seconds up to one minute.

The value of using a chamber food vacuum sealer is that you get an even tighter seal over the entire surface of the bag than you would with a traditional vacuum sealer. This keeps food fresh longer than other methods of vacuum sealing preservation.

With this vacuum food saver, you can customize the vacuum pressure and sealing options so you've got lots of flexibility when it comes to preserving different types of foods. For example, you can adjust the seal timer based upon the bag's thickness, or you could opt to manually time the vacuuming up to one minute.

This device operates with a dry pump so it won't be inhaling moisture from wet foods, which means it shouldn't need cleaning or replacement. The largest bag this device can handle is a 10 x 13-inch pouch. The VP210's dimensions are 14 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 15 inches high, and it weighs 72 pounds. It is backed by a one-year warranty, which is standard in the industry.

Since this system is somewhat more sophisticated than the typical kitchen countertop vacuum sealer, you might need additional help in setting it up. Another drawback is that it costs considerably more than the smaller, less powerful kitchen models. However, this commercial-quality machine is durable and boasts a stainless steel body.

If you bring home lots of game or fish, or if you find it saves time and money to cook plenty of food all at once and then preserve it, the VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer could be a worthwhile investment for your household.

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