The best overall choice for vacuum sealer bags is the popular SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags 6-bag set, which combines strength and a great sealing capability. These top-sellers are well-liked for many reasons – they are sturdy, reusable, and able to withstand some heavy-duty compression of their contents.

These come in different sizes, including medium and large, but the jumbo storage version has become a hit with homeowners and renters alike because of its overall utility and adaptability. You can store any soft items inside, whether you need to safely seal heirloom quilts to protect them from insects, preserve woolen sweaters so they're safely protected for a season, park those puffy parkas until the next snowfall, or stash all the light summer wear that you'll undoubtedly be pulling out again next year.

The jumbo-sized version of the SpaceSaver vacuum sealer bags measure 40 x 30 inches, and these can hold plenty of items. As with all space saver bags, you should not overfill these, but the SpaceSaver brand offers tough bags that can hold quite a number of garments, bed linens, duvets or pillows. These conveniently display a "fill to this line" direction so you won't overstuff a bag.

When you use your vacuum to suck the air out of the bags, you can compress them and their contents by 80 percent, making a nicely flattened bag that will free up a lot of room in your closets, bedroom, basement or storage areas. The triple-sealed turbo valve lets you get great suction, and the bags themselves offer a strong double-zip seal so the air will stay out.

Although these are quite big, you can get some excellent use out of them in a suitcase for traveling. You can pack a number of outfits, compress the air out and you've got bags that can fit more clothes than you ever expected into a suitcase or carryall. The set also comes with a hand pump, which you can use at any time, but it is especially helpful if you've traveled to someplace where you cannot get a vacuum cleaner with a hose. After you fill the bag, you will need to press out some air by rolling it a bit manually, then attach the pump and get to work. This clearly takes more time and a bit more work than a vacuum cleaner with its electric motor, but you can compress one of these big bags filled with your travel wear quite nicely.

Seasonal items stay fresh, clean and protected from mildew, mold, insects and dust, which all ruin improperly stored fabrics. If you simply fold things and stick them in a cardboard box for storage, you might end up dismayed by hole-riddled woolen jackets and sweaters gnawed on by moths, or clothing with fabric that has been weakened by mold and mildew. Another great incentive to buy SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags is that you get a full money-back guarantee with no questions asked if you decide they didn't work right for you.

The SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags are a fine choice for not only saving space, but also protecting the valuable bedding, clothing, towels and other soft items in your household.

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