The best all-around product guarantee comes from the Spedalon company, which gives you a lifetime replacement guarantee if you are dissatisfied with its vacuum seal bags. The Spedalon Vacuum Storage Bags come in a package of eight that contains four large (40 x 31 inches) and four medium (31 x 25 inches) reusable bags. With these space-saver bags, you can safely store out-of-season clothing and bedding in your closets, drawers or storage areas.

Once you have filled them, you can compact these handy vacuum space bags to as much as 75 percent of their original size, which will give you lots of extra room and still keep soft household goods in prime condition. These bags are equipped with a turbo valve, so a vacuum hose will easily fit into them as you suck air out of the bag, and you can remove the air fast. You also get a double-zipper closure for a tight, secure seal.

Once they are sealed, you can stack these space-saver bags on your storage shelves, in your closet or in moving boxes and they’ll stay protected from dirt, bugs, mildew, mold, unpleasant odors and other things that could damage or even ruin fabric.

If you enjoy traveling, or must do a lot of it for business, Spedalon Vacuum Storage Bags can become a great friend. You can compress clothing and any other soft items you must take, such as your own hypoallergenic pillow, into flattened bags that fit easily into your suitcase. This permits you to pack far more clothing than you could otherwise, which is great if you need to conserve space in your luggage.

You also get a free hand-pump, which is intended for travel re-packing, but which you can use at any time. You simply fill the bag, attach the pump to the valve and work the handle up and down until all the air is pulled from the bag. Obviously, this takes a bit more time and effort than an electric vacuum cleaner, but it does work and isn’t that big a deal.

The fact that you can get replacements for life is a remarkable guarantee, and clearly it indicates how much faith the manufacturer places in its products. Overall, Spedalon Vacuum Storage Bags are a good choice for durable, versatile and reusable vacuum sealer bags for your storage needs.

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