We like this six-pack set of strong, multi-sized vacuum sealer bags because the different sizes adapt well to different storage needs and, although these are not the cheapest on the market, they come at a lower price than many other bags of similar quality. With this set, you get two medium, two large and two jumbo bags, so there's enough of an assortment to handle seasonal storage for kids clothes, adult clothes and puffy bedding, if that's what you need.

These popular bags sell well and are sought out by consumers because they work so effectively – the plastic is durable, as long as you keep it from anything sharp, and you can reuse these bags. They also seal tightly, with a zippered seal that keeps out moisture, insects, dusts and other things that could damage beyond repair the fabric of your quilts, duvets, expensive jackets and pants, sweaters and other valuable soft household goods.

By vacuuming out the air, you can compress the bags and the things they hold by as much as 80 percent so these are truly space-saver bags. If you've ever tried to stack folded quilts or comforters in a closet, you know how bulky they are and how difficult it is to keep the closet shelves tidy. These bags shrink bedding, ski clothes, puffy winter jackets and other bulky items down to a fraction of their size, so it's easy to store what you own and still have some room in your closets, drawers, bedroom shelving and storeroom.

If you dread packing for vacations or business trips, the Squeeze-eezy Vacuum Storage Bags make that chore a lot simpler because you can get more clothes into a standard-sized suitcase by simply compressing everything. This set also comes with a helpful hand pump that you can use when you repack if you end up somewhere without access to an electric vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. The hand pump works nicely, although it will take a bit more time and effort on your part to remove the air in the bag, but the result is you'll be nicely packed and ready to return home.

Overall, Squeeze-eezy Vacuum Storage Bags are a first-rate value because you get the variety of sizes, not to mention the durability of the bags, the reusability and the excellent compression capability. A good choice, all around.

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