When you don't need a lot of vacuum sealer bags because you just have a few bulky items to compact, the Stor It Vacuum Storage Bag is an economical option. This is a relatively good-sized bag, but not a jumbo one (it measures 17.5 x 27.5 inches), so it can't hold a full wardrobe or excessive amounts of bedding. However, if you need something inexpensive to store smaller items, such as a few batches of clothing, soft toys or linens, it can work for you.

When you fill it, be sure to put it on a flat surface and slide the items into the bag through the wide opening on the side. When you vacuum the air out, this bag compacts items down to about one-third of their original size.

The zip closure keeps air, dust, moisture and insects out of the bag while in storage, and the transparent sides make it easy to see what is inside any given vacuum packing bag. You can use any standard home vacuum cleaner to remove air from the bag. The valve cap screws on and off for easy access, and the zip closure is simple to operate. This is a little tricky, though, because when you’re sucking the air out of this bag, you must leave the second valve in place or the bag itself will get sucked into the vacuum hose.

This bag is easy to lift and carry, and it can be handled by one person. Given these factors, you can easily put vacuum-sealed items on a high shelf without assistance.

Once items are compacted in the bag, you can stack multiple bags on top of each other, place them inside a hard-sided storage box or pack them in a suitcase for travel. This bag stays airtight until you open the zipper, and it can be reused, making it easy to remove one or two items and then seal the rest back up again.

Like most vacuum packaging bags, this bag is vulnerable to tears and punctures if it scrapes up against or catches on sharp edges, so you need to avoid placing it close to metal objects or on splintered wood to avoid damage. Once the bag has been punctured, it can't retain a vacuum seal any longer. The plastic clip on the zipper is also is vulnerable to breaking, so you must proceed carefully. Some users have complained that despite doing everything correctly, the bag still did not keep its seal. As a basic vacuum sealer bag, the Stor It Vacuum Storage Bag does the job. The inexpensive price makes this a good option for someone who wants to try vacuum packing without committing a lot of time or money.

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