Our pick for making better use of your closet space is the Whitmor Spacemaker Hanging Bags pack, which lets you compress suits, shirts, pants, jackets and sweaters into flat hanging storage containers that give you plenty of room and protect your clothes from dust and insects.

The set comes with two suit bags and one garment bag, so you can compress a variety of outfits. The longer bag can hold dresses or long overcoats, which often don't fit in standard hanging vacuum sealer bags. The other two space saver vacuum bags are sized just right for a suit jacket and pair of suit trousers folded over a hanger. Since you get three bags in the set instead of just one, you can opt to open just one of them once you’ve sealed clothes inside all three. That way, only one gets opened and the other two remain sealed. All three bags are transparent, so you never have to guess what items are inside each one.

To seal anything, you use your vacuum cleaner hose and the one-way valve on each of these vacuum sealer bags. This efficiently removes air from the inside, leaving the clothing considerably flattened down. You get a zip closure to seal off the end of the bag so no air gets in from the side after the compression process is underway. To get to the vacuum port, you have to remove the hanger on top, so you cannot vacuum seal these bags while they are hanging up. You must lay the full bags on a flat surface to seal them and then reattach the hanger in order to put them on a closet storage rod. The process can be inconvenient if you are trying to seal away clothing in a hurry. As with most vacuum sealer bags, even a small defect, tear or hole causes the bag to lose its seal and the items inside to puff up to full size again.

These bags are water resistant and airtight when sealed, so you can store them in a basement or a storage unit. Each vacuum sealer bag has a rotating hook on the top that allows you to easily hang it in a standard closet. The loop inside can hold multiple hangers, so you don't have to remove each piece of clothing from its own hanger before vacuum packing the entire batch. The loop inside and the exterior hanger are both made of plastic, which can break, and because they are built into the bags, there is no way to replace them if they break. You simply have to buy another set of bags.

Although it can be inconvenient to remove the hanger every time you need to reseal a bag, the Whitmor Spacemaker Storage Collection is an economical and space-saving option when you want to vacuum seal clothing for storage between uses.

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