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Wink Lookout

Wink Lookout is an example of why smart hubs do not necessarily make good DIY security systems. As a smart home controller, Wink Hub 2 is quite good, but it lacks the alerts, battery backup and functi

Nest Secure

Nest has always been a major player in DIY home security but only recently released a complete security system with entry and motion sensors: Nest Secure. This system allows you to self-monitor your h


In terms of video quality, RemoBell competes with the best smart doorbells in our comparison. However, its lack of compatibility with doorbell wiring and smart home devices contributed to the lowest s

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro takes the winning formula of Ring's more affordable smart doorbells and puts it in a slim package that looks more like a traditional doorbell button. It has the best video

Nest Hello

In many ways, Nest helped define the modern smart home by transforming utilitarian devices such as thermostats, smoke detectors and security cameras into attractive, innovative products. The Nest Hell

Ring Video Doorbell 2

On paper, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and the original Ring Video Doorbell are nearly identical. However, the Ring 2 has better video quality, is slightly easier to use and is much easier to install. Th

Yale Assure SL

Yale Real Living smart locks have keypad controls and flexible smart home integration options. The model we tested, Yale Assure SL, comes with your choice of radio modules that allow it to connect to

Lockitron Bolt

Editor's note: The Lockitron Bolt is currently out of stock at time of writing. When we contacted Lockitron for more information, a representative told us that more will be available soon, we'll updat

Kwikset Obsidian

The Kwikset Obsidian is a beautiful smart lock that's equally capable as part of a smart home system. The lock's keyless design is one of the most secure in our comparison, it's also delightful to use

Nest x Yale

Nest x Yale is the long-awaited smart lock from Nest that was first announced in 2016 as the Linus. It took nearly two years until its release in early 2018. While the lock is pleasant to use and has

August Smart Lock Pro

If you want an advanced smart lock that supports more smart home platforms than the competition, August Smart Lock Pro is the best option on the market. It's the easiest smart lock to use and is one o

Nest Thermostat E

The Nest Thermostat E is the latest smart thermostat from Nest. This model is essentially a simplified version of the Nest Learning Thermostat, our current top pick. The simple design means the Nest T

Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security is a new home security monitoring service that resulted from a merger between LiveWatch and MONI, two of our top-rated services in past comparisons. This company has remarkable mo

Brinks Home Security

Despite the resemblance to the legacy company of the same name, Brinks Home Security is a new home security company. It's essentially a rebranding of both LiveWatch and MONI, which were two of our top

Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is not only one of the best-sounding smart speakers we tested, it’s also one of the best-designed. Unfortunately, it’s expensive and requires other Apple mobile devices t

Google Home Max

The Google Home Max is the most expensive and largest smart speaker we tested. It’s also the loudest and has the best sound quality. The Google voice assistant is catching up to the Amazon smart

JBL Link 20

The JBL Link 20 is a durable smart speaker that can play music for around 10 hours without being plugged in. It uses the Google voice assistant, which is our favorite for searching the web and playing

Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears is well-known for making durable and portable speakers with great sound quality, and the Megablast is no different. This Alexa-enabled smart speaker produced good results in our listenin

Harman Kardon

The Harman Kardon Allure isn’t a low-profile smart speaker that blends into the background in your living room. It is by far the largest and most unique looking smart speaker we tested. It

Sony LF-S50G

If you are considering buying a Google Home but want better audio performance and a few unique design features, the Sony LF-S50G is a good option. It uses the same Google voice assistant and Goog