Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Chubbsafes Air Electronic Lock Safe 10E is small, but an efficient safe used to store small valuables, money, electronics or portable computers. This small safe offers entry-level protection for your valuables in the home or office. This range of Chubbsafes products include a specific designed line of home safes built with extra width for the storage of portable computers and PCs.

The Chubbsafes 10E features strong steel construction with a 4mm thick door, a 2mm thick body and high-quality plated steel moving bolt work. Thick steel construction is meant to ensure its owner that intruders will not be able to break into or open up the safe. The 10E also features two live 18mm locking bolts. These two large locking bolts will make opening the safe especially difficult for someone who doesn’t have the code or the keys. Two main locking bolts on such a compact safe also ensures more difficulty to thieves that attempt to steal the safe. The 10E also includes the ability to be mounted to the floor or to the wall using interior bolt mounting kits. As with many other major safe manufacturers the Chubbsafes Air 10E includes the bolts and bolting components.

The Air 10 is available in six different sizes, with the 10E being the most compact of the bunch. This portable safe only weighs a very light 15.4 pounds, but with its weight, bolting it down is recommended. The safe comes equipped with an electronic combination lock, which is powered by four AA batteries. The four AA batteries are included with the purchase of the safe. In case of a lock out, or if you accidentally let the batteries die, a backup key is included. The 10E is also available in an alternate model, the 10K, which offers a strictly key-based entry system. Additional features with the Chubbsafes Air Electronic Lock Safe 10E include a one-year warranty provided by the company.

Overall, the Air Electronic Lock Safe 10E by Chubbsafes hits all of the right buttons in terms of entry-level safe protection. For the 10E, the major downfall would be the price point. The 10E has a very high price for the size and capability, but if you need to move a safe from the office to a home, the weight is perfect, making it a quality piece of home security equipment.

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