Pros / The Paragon 7775 has a 10-year warranty.

Cons / It isn’t fire-resistant.

 Verdict / The Paragon 7775 is a reasonably large, sturdy safe with an affordable price. Its warranty is one of the best we've seen.

The Paragon 7775 Deluxe Safe is well-suited to an office or a hunting cabin where you store firearms. Paragon backs this full-featured digital-locking safe with a 10-year warranty, which is outstanding in this industry – many safes only have one-year of warranty coverage. With powerful bolts to lock the door securely in place and a solid steel body, this safe can frustrate would-be thieves intent on swiping your valuable jewelry, cash, papers, handguns or other prized items.

This safe’s digital entry system eliminates the need to make multiple key copies or remember random, pre-assigned number sequences. The digital combination is easy to operate, and you can customize a three- to eight- digit pass code upon initial setup. Its electronic lock includes a buzzer and LEDs, which make the system easy to navigate. You can also use the two included keys to open the safe. The digital entry system runs on AA batteries.

This Paragon model is constructed of 11-gauge solid steel that’s designed to resist both hand and mechanical tool attacks. Pre-drilled holes inside the safe allow you to anchor it to the ground, and the fixing bolts are included with the safe.

Its interior floor is layered with gray carpet mat padding to prevent so the delicate items you store don’t get scratched. The safe is not built to resist fire or water damage, so the First Alert 2087F-BD is a better option in that regard. The 7775 Deluxe Safe weighs 55 pounds and has an estimated interior capacity of 1.78 cubic feet, making it larger than many other personal safes we looked at.

The Paragon 7775 Deluxe Safe is a well-equipped, strong home safe. Because it isn’t waterproof or fire-resistant, you should consider a different safe if your main concern is protecting important documents during disasters. However, it is a good option for general security, such as keeping weapons out of children's reach or hiding valuables from burglars.

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