Pros / You can clean more than just flooring with the Oreck Steam-It.

Cons / It ran a little too dry at times, and it was hard to get the cleaning pads to stay in place.

 Verdict / This is a pricey product that did a great job in our tests, and might be worth the cost if you have a lot of ideas on how to use it.

The Oreck Steam-It is a multitasking mop that will help you maintain a clean home without the use of chemicals or soap. It comes at a premium price, but might be worth it if you see a lot of potential uses in your home. If you need something less expensive, check out the Light 'N' Easy.

All the mops we tested were able to remove all of the spills, but some did it in fewer passes. The Steam-It did it more easily than most others. There were only two that cleaned in fewer passes than this one, but the Steam-It cleaned the dried-on mustard in fewer strokes than any other. It struggled to remove spaghetti sauce somewhat, even on its highest steam setting. At times the pad did not seem to get wet enough.

The Steam-It has a large water tank, and that leads to an exceptionally long run time, which is great if you have a big cleaning project. It does mean it is a little heavier to haul around, though. In fact, this is the heaviest mop in our comparison, and it is also quite tall, but that didn’t really impact its maneuverability. It was a little more to heft, especially when the tank was full, but we were still able to get the mop head through even the tightest areas of our obstacle course.

One drawback with the Steam-It was how difficult it was to set and keep the cleaning pads in place. The clips on the mop head were sort of hard to manage at first. Once thoroughly moistened on a few tests, they seemed to stay in place better.

The adjustable steam levels are a nice feature for getting exactly what you need from this mop. Higher levels of steam are helpful for removing tough, set-in spills, and lower levels of steam work well for every day, maintenance-type cleaning.

This mop can stand on its own, making it easier to store it, and pause during cleaning. It lacks a removable tank, so you will have to fill it with a pitcher or take the mop to the sink when it is time to fill. But the tank is so big you won’t have to worry about this too often.

This floor steamer is a multitasking marvel. A carpet glide will allow you to freshen up carpets and a squeegee will make it easy to clean windows and mirrors. Smaller included brushes facilitate cleaning grout, stovetops and shower walls. The Steam-It can even tackle upholstery and clothing with the right attachment. The only potential problem is the relatively heavy weight. It was not an issue on floor cleaning, but when you are lifting it to clean countertops, it gets heavy.

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  • Mustard Removal
  • Maneuverability Score
  • Continuous Steam
  • Orange Juice Removal
  1. The passes needed to clean dried mustard.
    Less is Better.
  2. 5  Oreck Steam-It
    24.0 Number of Passes
  3. 32.0 Number of Passes
  4. Number of Passes
  5. 18.0 Number of Passes
  6. Category Average
    31.6 Number of Passes


The Oreck Steam-It is a high-quality mop that triples as a clothing steamer, carpet cleaner and detailing tool. This is the biggest product we tested. It might feel like a lot to lift on some projects, but it also offers big cleaning capacity to match. It performed well on our tests once we got the cleaning pads into proper position.

Oreck Steam-It STEAM100LRH Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Performance Score
Maneuverability Score
Ease of Use
Average Steam Temperature (degrees)
Continuous Steam (minutes)
Heat Up Time (seconds)
Cleaning Path Width (inches)
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Weight (pounds)
Steam Output Control
Ready Light
Scent Feature
Removable Tank
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Adjustable Handle


Hand Tool
Carpet Glides
Clothing Tool

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