How fast does a riding lawn mower go?

How fast does a riding lawn mower go
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A riding mower is a cut above the competition when it comes to speed, but how fast does a riding lawn mower go? Riding lawn mowers enable you to fast-track your way to a pristine lawn, making them the perfect piece of equipment for larger plots. The riding design puts you in the driving seat and gives you the ability to cover ground quickly and save time.

Depending on the model, a riding lawn mower can accelerate up to eight miles per hour. However, it's worth keeping in mind that faster is not necessarily better. We’ll walk you through other considerations you’ll want to weigh up against speed. We also speak to the experts about the scenarios when you might want to slow down for the best results. 

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How fast does a riding lawn mower go?

What the expert says…

Faster is not always better. “While mowing faster will get the job done quicker, you may not be happy with the results. Mowing speed should be adjusted to the conditions of your grass and the quality of results desired,” advises Andy Massignan, Product Director for the Residential Lawn Portfolio at AriensCo.

Want results pronto? A riding lawn mower is an efficient way to tackle larger plots. Even better, they take the hassle out of hills and free up your time so you can sit back and admire your handiwork. But how fast does a riding lawn mower go? “A tractor style riding mower typically has a maximum speed of about 4 mph while a zero turn lawn mower has a typical maximum speed of 7-8 mph,” says Andy Massignan, Product Director for the Residential Lawn Portfolio at AriensCo

However, speed isn’t everything. You’ll want to weigh up other considerations such as your budget when choosing the model for you. If you’re looking to do your bit for the planet, check out the zero-emission models, which are a green choice. They also tend to be quieter – your neighbors will thank you.

In certain scenarios, you’ll want to slow down to achieve the perfect cut. With damp and heavy or very thin grass, be sure to reduce your speed to avoid missing blades.

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