How to shop the after Christmas sales

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 Just because Christmas has passed doesn’t mean the sales have. While they might not be as hyped as Black Friday, the after Christmas sales offer up some incredible sales, especially since some of the items that are discounted are because retailers are trying to clear out old stock or overflow, not to mention deal with any returned items instead of getting you on the hook with a doorbuster deal.

These sales, which start the day after Christmas but really get going in January and last until February, can sometimes lead to even better savings than Black Friday deals. Sure, you’ll see fewer discounts on newer hot ticket items, but there are plenty of exciting price drops on all sorts of items, especially if you’re looking at the best vacuums, coffee makers, power tools, and the like.

While you can just go in blind trying to find these after Christmas sales, we want to arm you with some knowledge of what to look for and where. We’ll also mention a few tools to help you compare prices so you know whether you’re getting a unique deal or not. Read on for some insight into how to shop the after Christmas sales.

What to shop for during After Christmas Sales

While your shopping should revolve around your own needs and whatever Santa may have missed on your list, certain items are more likely to get sales after Christmas. For instance, TVs tend to see big discounts as retailers look forward to the Super Bowl. If you’re not too picky, you can get a great deal here, as the older models are going to see bigger price drops.

You’ll see something similar happening with major appliances as retailers try to clear out older models. You might not be getting the most cutting-edge versions of the best washing machines, for instance, but Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, and everyone else need to make space for whatever space-age versions of household appliances are launching in the new year. Don’t forget that a major electronics conference in the form of CES takes place every January, so retailers have plenty of reason to make space.

Other items that you should consider involve those affected by the deluge of health-related New Year’s resolutions. Retailers are sure to take advantage by offering good deals on fitness equipment as well as small kitchen appliances like air fryers. After all, it’s not uncommon to resolve to eat out less and cook more when the New Year comes around.

Of course, winter clothes, linen, and anything Christmas-related are going to see good discounts as well. Just don’t expect to see everything on sale the way it was around Black Friday since these sales are as much about retailers making space as it is about consumers getting a good deal.

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Where to shop for the best after Christmas sales

When it comes to post-Christmas sales, no one outside of maybe an Apple store is immune. The majority of retailers have plenty of stock meant specifically for the holidays, even if they’re not holiday-themed, and so will want to clear some of that out to make way for whatever’s coming next. And, there’s plenty of new stuff always on the horizon.

With that in mind, Amazon is always a good place to look, whether you’re in the market for a bean-to-cup coffee machine or an air purifier. First, Amazon is never going to pass on an opportunity to offer the lowest prices. Second, the retailer has a very generous return policy, which means plenty of refurbished items will be available in January and February.

Walmart occupies a similar space where if there’s a sales event, Walmart will have at least something with a discounted price. And, like Amazon, this big box store has just about everything, so you’ll find deals on both yard tools and kitchen appliances.

The Home Depot and Lowe’s are always sure bets when it comes to sales on power tools and yard tools as well, though the latter seems to be offering more deals in terms of appliances.

How to shop for the best after Christmas Sales

Finding the best sales is more than knowing what to look for and where to get it. The show is just as important. That might seem pedantic, but sometimes deals look better than they are. Some online retailers, or more specifically third-party shops on those retailers, will inflate the initial MSRP of an item so that the discounted price pops out more. Yet, with a little bit of research, you’ll realize that you’re really not saving anything.

With that in mind, it’s important to do that digging. To start with, we recommend reading reviews on anything you buy, especially bigger ticket items. We’ve put our hands on a lot of items and have plenty of insight into many of the best air fryers, the best dishwashers, and just about every type of appliance in between.

While we don’t get to everything, plenty of users love to leave their feedback, so the reviews posted on Amazon and the like are very useful, however, you need to make sure to actually read those reviews and not just go off the aggregate score, as there are plenty of fake reviews out there (just look up brushing scams, for instance). It will be clear what reviews are real and what the consensus is on that product.

When it comes to researching your potential purchase, price comparisons are always in order. Not only do different retailers often differ in the sales they’re able to provide, but there are some sites that can offer pricing history, like Honey, so that you know if you’re actually getting a good price. If you’re an Amazon shopper, you need to familiarize yourself in particular with  CamelCamelCamel, which offers pricing history for any specific listing since it’s gone live on the site as well as differentiating between first and third-party pricing.


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