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There isn't much more satisfying than using one of these iconic yellow pressure washers, steam cleaners, or vacuums and watching the dirt quickly disappear. However, the one thing that is better is scoring a great Kärcher deal.

As a long-term owner of several Kärcher products, this writer is always impressed by their cleaning power, ease of use, and hardwearing nature. I've owned a Kärcher pressure washer for seven years now and it's still working perfectly, and my five-year-old Kärcher steam mop also runs like a dream. Although not surprisingly for the latter, I've been through a fair few cleaning pad attachments – that's why you'll also be pleased to see Kärcher accessories and replacement parts on this deal list.

When you're looking to buy a new Kärcher product, there are a handful of things to consider. The type of surfaces you're cleaning will be the first thing to assess, closely followed by the scale of the area. A hard-floor cleaner, for example, will be a stronger choice than a vacuum if your house doesn't have much carpet. A wet-and-dry vac is handy if you're taking on a renovation or treating heavily soiled carpets. 

Power is also going to be an important factor when choosing the best pressure washer, which will be determined largely by the type of outdoor area you're looking to treat. If you only have a small yard or want to use it for spot-cleaning garden furniture, then the mid-range K4 and K2 models will be a perfect option. 

Large appliances also usually come at a higher price, which is why we've rounded up the best cheap Kärcher deal ranging from pressure washers and hard floor cleaners to vacuums and attachments. We've also included our favorite all-rounder products to help you make sure you're buying the right device for your needs. 

Cheap Kärcher deals

• Amazon: Up to 30% off select Kärcher appliances at Amazon
• Kärcher: Save $230 on the Kärcher FC 5 Cordless hard floor cleaner
• Target: Save up to 20% on Kärcher deals at Target
• Lowe's: Up to $110 on select Kärcher products at Lowe's
• Sears: Get the Kärcher Electric Pressure Washer for just $199.59 (57% off)

Kärcher pressure washer deals and attachments

Kärcher K 5 Premium 2000 PSI pressure washer| was $369.99, now $314.51 at Amazon

Kärcher K 5 Premium 2000 PSI pressure washer| was $369.99, now $314.51 at Amazon
This is Top Ten Reviews' best buy pressure washer with good reason – it's the perfect balance of power and affordability. The water-cooled induction motor is built to last 5x longer than standard motors, and it comes with all the tools you need for cleaning your yard, outdoor furniture and car.

Karcher K1700 | was $160.99, now $129.99 at Target

Karcher K1700 | was $160.99, now $129.99 at Target
The Karcher K1700 offers high-level cleaning, delivering 1700 PSI of pressured water. It's ideal for washing everything from pavements and concrete to cars and boats, with a 20-foot kink-resistant hose so that you can get into hard-to-clean spots without the water flow being interrupted. 

Kärcher T300 | was $66.99, now $43.09 at Target

Kärcher T300 | was $66.99, now $43.09 at Target
Cut the cleaning time for decks, patios and driveway with this attachment, compatible with Kärcher K2, K3, K4, and K5 electric pressure washers and discounted by 36%. The main benefits of adding this attachment over a cleaning lance alone are that it will cover a larger surface area in less time, and that a splash guard will better protect you from spray. 

Kärcher Spray Gun and Hose Replacement Kit | was $73.99, now $50.49 at Target

Kärcher Spray Gun and Hose Replacement Kit | was $73.99, now $50.49 at Target
Designed to work with Karcher electric pressure washers with up to 2,000 PSI, this spray gun and hose replacement kit will be a handy addition to your outdoor gear. It's compatible with all K2 models, K3 Follow Me, K4/K4 Premium, and K5/K5 Premium and is easy to attach, saving time and effort when cleaning. 

Karcher FJ6 Foam Cannon Spray Nozzle| was $30.00, now $21.49 at Amazon

Karcher FJ6 Foam Cannon Spray Nozzle| was $30.00, now $21.49 at Amazon
This Karcher Foam Cannon Spray Nozzle is compatible with a number of Karcher pressure washers. Cleaning vehicles is easy - simply add detergent and water, then attach the nozzle to your pressure washer. It holds around 20 ounces of detergent, more than enough to thoroughly coat your car. 

Kärcher floor cleaner and vacuum deals

Kärcher FC 5 Electric Hard Floor Cleaner | was $259.99, now $125.00 at Amazon

Kärcher FC 5 Electric Hard Floor Cleaner | was $259.99, now $125.00 at Amazon
Save 52% off the list price of this hard floor cleaner, which vacuums and mops at the same time. Add water straight from the faucet into the tank – the FC 5 will use this to moisten the rollers, then the vacuum will draw away dirt and used water as it runs. When you're done, you can clean the rollers in warm water, or in the washing machine. Easy!

Karcher WV 6 Plus Window Vacuum Squeegee | was $129.99, now $99.99 at Amazon

Karcher WV 6 Plus Window Vacuum Squeegee | was $129.99, now $99.99 at Amazon
Promising to clean windows three times faster than any other method, this vac has a 100-hour run time so you can easily cover the whole house on a single charge. It comes with a spray bottle, microfibre pad and cleaning solution to apply to the glass, and then the vac and squeegee to mop things up, streak free. 

Karcher S 4 Twin Outdoor Hand Push Floor Sweeper | was $189.99, now $149.99 at Amazon

Karcher S 4 Twin Outdoor Hand Push Floor Sweeper | was $189.99, now $149.99 at Amazon
The S 4 Twin cleans up to five times faster than a traditional broom, and is especially useful for outdoor areas such as a sidewalk, patio, driveway or garage. Operating at a mere 42dB, it's super quiet and push-powered, so no electricity or gas is needed. 

Best value Kärcher pressure washers

Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer

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Kärcher K2 Power Control Car & Home Pressure Washer

Best pressure washer for beginners

Weight: 11.4lbs | Type: Electric | Cordless: No | Dimensions: L9.7 x W11 x H23.1 inches | Max pressure: 1700psi | Max flow rate: 1.4 gallons/min | Hose length: 26ft

Great for cleaning cars, paving and furniture
Easy to use and control
Multiple cleaning settings
Not as effective on bigger cleaning jobs

If you're buying your first pressure washer and want something that's good value and easy to use out of the box, Kärcher K2 is our standout choice pick. 

Using a pressure washer can be a bit intimidating if you're not used to one – so if you're nervous of taking the paintwork off the car by blasting it too hard, the K2 is for you. That's because it works with the Kärcher Home & Garden app. Download it, select what you want to clean, and it will walk you through the process step by step, telling you on what lance, nozzle setting and power level to use. 

An impressive amount of equipment comes with the K2. There's a washing brush, which is useful for garden furniture or the car; a surface cleaner for speedier, low-spray cleaning on patios and decking; and a suction hose so you can use the washer with detergent. 

Then there are the two spray wands – the Vario Power spray which gives you control over the pressure, allowing you to carry out more delicate jobs, and the Dirt Blaster, which, well, blasts dirt. And very effective it is, too. This writer has one at home and was amazed at how the Dirt Blaster was able to lift dried on wood stain and a year's worth of dirt from her patio slabs, leaving them looking like new. 

It may not be the most powerful pressure washer out there, but for the money, it offers more than enough for a first-time, casual user. 

Best pressure washers: Karcher K5 Premium

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Kärcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer

Best pressure washer for value and longevity

Type: Electric | Cordless?: No | Max pressure: 2000psi | Weight: 32lbs | Flow rate: 1.55 gallons/min | Hose length: 25ft | Dimensions: L16.3 x W12 x H23.1 inches

Impressive consistent power
Does not overheat after hours of use
Easy to use
Slightly heavier than other washers

Our best overall choice provides power and high-end performance at a reasonable price. Similar powered pressure washers can cost up to $1,000 or more, but the Kärcher K5 delivers similar results and is priced around the $300 mark.

At 2000 PSI, the Kärcher K5 is designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs around the home quickly, using 40 times the water pressure of a garden hose. Its water cooled induction motor ensures the unit does not overheat after hours of continuous cleaning, which is perfect for homeowners who have plenty of chores to do. It is also designed to prolong the life of the motor by up to 5x, making it a lot more reliable.

The overall design is compact yet sturdy and easy to move around on the large 7.7” high impact wheels. It features a useful onboard detergent tank and two spray wands designed to meet your specific cleaning needs. It’s also one of the very few quiet pressure washers on the market.

While it is built to last, you may find proprietary parts expensive if you do require any replacements. Nevertheless, the Kärcher K5 packs a powerful punch for cleaning vehicles, fences, driveways and more, at a very reasonable price.  

Best value Kärcher vacuum cleaners

Karcher WD 4 wet and dry vacuum cleaner

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Karcher WD4 Premium Vacuum Cleaner

Best wet and dry vacuum for cleaning power

Cordless?: No | Water tank: 5.3 gallons | Dimensions: L15.1 x W14.4 x H20.7 inches | Weight: 15.7lb | Cord length: 26ft

Very powerful
An expensive option

This Kärcher wet and dry vacuum isn't the cheapest shop vacuum money can buy, but it does have power – and that's crucial in this type of cleaner. Quite simply, we love the WD 4 because it's stupidly easy to use and sucks up more dirt than any of its rivals. And that's surely all you want?

Well perhaps it might help if the WD 4 wasn't too big and heavy to use. And actually, we were pleasantly surprised here, too. Given the onboard power, it's deceptively light and agile. It follows you around smoothly on casters, and its double squeegee floor head does an outstanding job of getting wet floors completely dry. 

There's nothing fancy about how the WD 4 operates – you just flip a switch to swap from wet to dry cleaning and and back again, which we love. And while it doesn't come with quite the array of tools of other Kärcher machines (we're looking at you, pressure washers), there's crevice tool, a wet and dry floor head with squeegee, a 7.2 ft suction hose and two suction tubes, all of which can be stored onboard for easy access.

Karcher handheld cordless vacuum in black and yellow with a handheld attachment.

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Karcher VC 4s Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best lightweight vacuum cleaner

Weight: 2.8 pounds | Type: Cordless | Dimensions: 10.62 x 5.47 x 43.7 inches | Included components: Nozzle, battery, HEPA filter, crevice tool

Easy to transport
No-touch dust bin
No smart features 

A cordless vacuum is one of the easiest ways to keep your home clean, which is why this Kärcher option comes out on top. Nothing is worse than tripping over a cable while vacuuming, so opting for a cordless design is a handy, and safe, option for those prone to clumsiness. With 60 minutes of run time, you can easily tick off each area around your home before popping it back on the wall-mounted charging station to re-boost. 

When it comes to extra attachments, the VC 4s has a generous offering. The handheld vacuum will make cleaning those tricky corners and crevices fast and convenient, with the addition of two nozzles that can be used for upholstery, vehicles, stairs, and all types of floors. 

The Kärcher VC 4s isn't the fanciest cordless vac out there, but the lightweight build combined with a 100,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor makes it a powerful option that will certainly get the job done. 

Best value Kärcher steam cleaners

Karcher SC3 steam cleaner

(Image credit: Karcher)

Kärcher SC 3 Portable Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Best steam cleaner for versatility

Cable length: 4m | Water tank: 1 litre | Heat-up time: 30 seconds | Power: 1900W | Weight: 3.1kg

Comes with lots of attachments for upholstery, tile and floor cleaning
Great at lifting stains on carpets
Can remove grease and mould 
Heats up in 40 seconds with continuous steam
Bulkier than some rivals
Costs more than rivals

You can forget detergent – this steam cleaner has the power to lift ground-in dirt using water alone. So if you're trying to cut down on plastic use and hate using toxic cleaners, it's the one to beat. 

Another huge selling point is the number of attachments it comes with. Kärcher never scrimps on these with its pressure washers, and it's the same case with the SC3. In the box you get a hand nozzle with a microfiber cover, which you can use on kitchen appliances and tiles, an EasyFix Floor Nozzle, again with a microfiber cloth, for hard floor cleaning, a small round brush that's handy for upholstery, and a descaling cartridge.

The SC3 has some great features that make it a joy to use – starting with a large 1ltr water tank that you'll have to refill less often (Although this does make the SC3 heavier than some cleaners). A child lock and a Steam Flow Control on the handle make this model safer than some on the market. The latter is particularly effective, as unlike the usual trigger you see on steam cleaners, it stops the SC3 from firing out more steam than is necessary. 

Karcher stick cordless steam cleaner in a black and yellow design.

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Kärcher SC 1 steam cleaner

Best lightweight steam mop

Wattage: 1200 watts | Weight: 3.48 Pounds | Voltage: 220 Volts | Product dimensions: 5 x 7.32 x 12.64 inches

Fast heating-up time
More expensive than others on the market

If you're on the hunt for a lightweight steam cleaner that will easily fit in your cupboard, the Kärcher SC 1 is a solid choice. The slimline stick design means you can carry it up stairs, reach under beds, and dash it around your kitchen without hassle - perfect for those with little time to spare for cleaning. It also has a 3.0 bar steam output and a three-minute heating-up time, making it just as efficient as it looks. 

Versatility is also this steam cleaner's strong suit - it can be used anywhere in the home and cleans chemical free, making it great to use around pets and children. And thanks to its compact dimensions, busy households can whip it out for speed cleaning sticky floors and muddy pawprints. It also includes an EasyFix cleaning set, so you can clean smaller, hard-to-reach areas by hand or even target specific stains. 

Why buy Kärcher?

Established in 1935, Kärcher is an innovative German brand with its roots in making hot air blowers and heaters. It built Europe's first hot-water high-pressure cleaner ("DS 350" steam jet) in 1950 and went on to introduce the world's first portable pressure washer for household use in 1984. It's probably also famous for its window vac. First launched in 2008, more than 21 million have been sold worldwide. 

Those innovations aside, Kärcher is known for easy-to-use products that come with a good selection of attachments so they're versatile straight out of the box. While not always the most lightweight or cheapest option, they are rugged, and often outdo rivals in terms of power and performance. 

Another good reason to buy Karcher is its after-sales support. Service and repair options are available for most household products and replacement parts are easy to get hold of. 

If something does go wrong, it's also worth mentioning Kärcher's "Rapid Exchange Program". If you buy a electric pressure washer, vacuum cleaner, electric broom, window cleaner, hard floor cleaner, steam cleaner or push sweeper from a Kärcher authorized retailer and it fails during its warranty, it will be replaced with an equivalent new product. You may even get an upgrade if a like-for-like exchange isn't possible. You just need your proof of purchase.

Man using Karcher K 7 pressure washer to clean deck

(Image credit: Karcher)

What to look for in a Kärcher product


You’ll have to haul your pressure washer, steamer or vacuum cleaner around, so the lighter the better. Remember that each gallon of water in the tank adds an extra 8lb, too.

Weight is most important for handhelds because you’re constantly lifting them, whereas a heavy pressure washer or larger steam cleaner will run around on wheels so it’s not such a problem.

Water-tank capacity

The larger the tank, the more cleaning you can do before having to top it up, but the heavier your steam cleaner/pressure washer will be when full. Capacity isn’t so crucial if you’re spot cleaning, but for large areas, it's vital.

Max cleaning time

Expect 15 minutes from a steam mop or handheld, and upwards of half an hour from a cylinder vacuum cleaner or pressure washer.

Cord length A longer cord will save your plugging and unplugging your cleaner cord as you move around the house or garden. 20ft is enough to clean most rooms easily.

Attachments Accessories like specialist cleaning heads and nozzles make your washer or cleaner more versatile. A soft scrubbing brush can shift stubborn dirt, for example, on the hob. Squeegees are handy for easy window and shower-screen cleaning. 

Microfiber pads clip on the cleaning head to lift grime from floors and worktops. They’re machine washable and you’ll need at least two, so you can keep cleaning when one’s in the wash.

Precision or jet nozzles concentrate the water or steam to powerfully blast solid items such as tile grout or moss. 

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