4 leaf blowing techniques you should try this fall

Leaf blowing techniques
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If you’ve recently bought a leaf blower then you’ll be ready and raring to take on the leaves building up in your backyard. With a little bit of practice and some tried and tested leaf blower techniques you’ll have your yard spruced up in no time. Being able to efficiently direct the leaves into a neat and tidy pile will make getting rid of them later much easier. 

We spoke to an expert about his leaf blowing techniques and explored some other handy methods to try out too. If you're in need of the best leaf blower at a good price, then why not check out the latest cheap leaf blower deals to grab yourself a bargain on this useful gardening tool.

Leaf blowing techniques to try

1. Use corners to your advantage 

Adam Whale is a professional gardener who also gives handy garden care tips on his Youtube channel The Grey Gardener, where he documents all things garden care related from growing vegetables in his allotment to helping other gardeners grow their businesses. He suggests blowing leaves into any natural corners that the garden has to quickly trap them in one place. From here you could use leaf grabbers to quickly move the pile. 

What the expert says…

Adam Whale gives us tips on the leaf blowing techniques he uses as a garden care professional: “I always aim to blow them towards a corner then you can use grabbers to pick them up. If you don't have a corner, using the blower with the trigger only half pressed and using a pulsating action, usher them to one area and create a pile.”

2. A tarp can help with clean up

One of our favored leaf blowing techniques is to blast a clear spot in a central location to lay down a tarp sheet. From here, direct all leaves onto the tarp with the leaf blower. When all the leaves are on the tarp, you can fold the tarp up and use it to quickly slide the leaves into a trash bag, compost bin or into scrubland away from your lawn. Wherever you choose to get rid of your leaves, a tarp can make it a simple and tidy move. 

3. Get your hands on some leaf grabbers

Did you know that specific leaf grabber tools exist? Use a leaf blower to get the leaves into a pile, then use grabbers to pick up the leaves and move them. The tool resembles extremely large human hands but are made of plastic and are worn like gloves. They increase the amount that you can scoop up and carry and will be a helpful tool for the clean up for most any leaf blowing techniques you use.

4. Blow leaves onto your lawn

This is one of those leaf blowing techniques that will really appeal to people who take pride in their lawns. Blow dried leaves onto your lawn and then shred them up with a lawn mower. The finely shredded leaves decompose into the soil beneath the grass and act as a natural fertilizer. Greener, healthier grass using only spare dried leaves.

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