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Bestway SaluSpa Fiji being tested in writer's home

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1. The list in brief ↴
2. Best overall: Coleman SaluSpa
3. Best for energy efficiency: Intex SimpleSpa 28481E
4. Best portable: Bestway SaluSpa Fiji Airjet
5. Best high-end: Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble
6. Best luxury: Bestway 54190E SaluSpa Helsinki AirJet
7. Best for five or six people: The Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe (6-Person)
8. Best square: Coleman SaluSpa Atlantis Square
9. Best two people: Aleko 4-Person
10. Buying advice
11. How we choose

The best inflatable hot tubs are a great, flexible way to upgrade the backyard and come in different sizes, styles, and budgets to fit your needs. They are perfect if you don't want to commit to having a hot tub in your garden all year round, or if you don't have enough space for a larger, built-in model. 

When choosing an inflatable hot tub, consider the available space in your yard and the capacity that you need. Our guide has options for everyone, from 2-person tubs to larger ones that can fit up to 6 people. 

The most high-end inflatable hot tubs come with smart features like LED lights and built-in speakers, while the budget options are more basic but still functional. 

Remember, with the holidays and after-Christmas sales on the horizon, there may be a number of great deals on the best inflatable hot tubs, which means you can get a real bargain. 

So, check out our top inflatable hot tub picks and find the one that suits your needs. If you want to explore more options, we also have guides for the best hot tubs.

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The quick list

Let’s start by quickly counting down the top 10 inflatable hot tubs featured in this guide. Scroll down or click ‘Read more below’ to see a more detailed individual review of each product. 

The best inflatable hot tubs we recommend in 2024

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We've rounded up the best inflatable hot tubs that you can currently buy. While we endeavor to review every product that we highlight, some of the reviews for this guide are still in progress. However, any unreviewed products will sum up the key specs, features, and user reviews to help you make the best decision for you and your household. 

The best inflatable hot tub overall

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

(Image credit: Coleman)
The best inflatable hot tub overall


Capacity: 242 gallons
Accommodates : 6 people
Maximum temperature: 104 degrees F
Jets: 140

Reasons to buy

Super affordable
Easy to set up
Sturdy and comfortable

Reasons to avoid

Six would be a tight fit
Buy it if

✅ Value is your priority: The Coleman SaluSpa is one of the best inflatable hot tubs out there – so the fact that it’s affordable is a really nice bonus.

✅ Accessible setup is another key concern: Coleman is great at making user-friendly products, from blow-up tents to camping BBQs. Our reviewer found this hot tub pretty easy to set up.

✅ You like a supportive feel: Whereas some inflatable hot tubs are uncomfortably floppy, the SaluSpa provides firm yet cushioned support to the bather.

Don't buy it if:

❌ There will often be 6 in the tub: Although the SaluSpa is advertised as a 6-person tub, it’s really better suited to 5 bathers or fewer. You don’t want to be sitting on top of each other in there.

❌ You throw last-minute parties: This hot tub can take a long time to heat its water up to temperature, so it can’t really be used at short notice.

❌ You want more ‘wow’ factor: Some of the other inflatable hot tubs in our roundup have a little more visual sparkle, whether in the form of LED lighting or a wood paneling effect exterior. 

The bottom line

🔎 The Coleman SaluSpa is durable, brilliantly priced, and brings a luxurious experience to your yard in exchange for minimal effort and cost. Sure, the advertised 6-person capacity is a little optimistic, but in most other respects, this inflatable hot tub is up there with the best. ★★★★★

What you need to know: The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs out there because of its affordability, quality construction, and well-earned reputation for customer service. This is a big hot tub that holds up to 242 gallons of water and accommodates four to six adults at a time, although the upper end of that range might be a squeeze. You may recognize Coleman from your camping trips – the brand makes excellent inflatable airbeds and tents, too.

Design: We were pretty impressed with the design of the Coleman SaluSpa, which showed far more strengths than weaknesses during our testing. The included pressure gauge helps you avoid over-inflating, and the tightening wrench that comes bundled in is specially designed to tighten the valve setting to prevent leaking over time. One potentially frustrating aspect is that the tub’s water takes a while to heat up, so you’ll have to think ahead and start heating the water a day before use unless you make the energy-intensive choice to keep it relatively warm at all times.

Comfort: The exterior comes with a vertical beam construction, so the tub shouldn’t lose its shape over time. A cushioned ground cover adds to the comfort of a very relaxing tub. The ground mat, of course, also protects the tub from debris on the ground underneath and retains the heat of the water. Overall, this is an impressively comfortable inflatable hot tub, with pleasantly firm support below and behind the bather.

Features: While the SaluSpa doesn’t have too many fancy features, it does come with a fantastic set of basic components that support the excellent basic function of the hot tub. These include a fitted top cover with a foil lining, clips to secure the cover, built-in handles for repositioning, a ground mat, a valve wrench, a pressure gauge, and more. One hundred forty jets positioned around the inside wall of the tub provide a soothing, hydrotherapeutic effect. 

Price: You can usually pick up a Coleman SaluSpa for around $400-500, which represents great value when you factor in the quality and durability of the product. One negative point on SaluSpa’s affordability is that its filters need to be replaced quite frequently, according to online customer reviews. Furthermore, the tub’s relatively slow water heating means you might need to use quite a lot of energy to get your water nice and hot. These running costs take away a little from the hot tub’s impressively modest price tag.

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Coleman SaluSpa test results
DesignPractical, user-friendly and durable.★★★★
ComfortExcellent comfort and support★★★★★
FeaturesA focused and useful feature set.★★★★★
PriceSuperb price, with some ongoing costs.★★★★

The best inflatable hot tub for energy efficiency

Best inflatable hot tubs: Intex SimpleSpa 28481E Inflatable Hot Tub in dark gray

(Image credit: Intex)

2. Intex SimpleSpa 28481E Inflatable Hot Tub

The best energy-saving inflatable hot tub


Capacity: Four people
Accommodates : 4 people
Maximum temperature: 104 degrees F
Jets: 100

Reasons to buy

Energy saving cover 
Extra-durable material  

Reasons to avoid

Fits four at a squeeze
Buy it if

✅ Temperature control is a priority: The Intex SimpleSpa 28481E has an excellent heat adjustment system that you can use to tweak the water temperature during use.

✅ You’re aiming to save energy: This hot tub comes with a cleverly designed heat-retentive lid, which proves highly effective at conserving heat throughout multiple hot tub sessions. That’s great news for your bank account, as well as the environment.

✅ Other inflatable hot tubs have been a let-down: While some lower-priced inflatable hot tubs can be prone to puncturing, the 28481E is made with extra-durable material that’s impressively resistant to perforation. 

Don't buy it if:

❌ Funds are tight: Priced towards the premium end of the inflatable hot tub market, the 28481E is best suited to buyers who have plenty of budget and who plan on spending lots of time soaking in the yard.

❌ Lots of space is required: If you’re planning on hosting big hot tub parties, or you simply like lots of room to spread out, this hot tub might not give you the space you need. There’s room for four people at most.

❌ Your hot tub is just for parties: There’s no need to buy such a high-quality hot tub as this one if you’re only going to use it for occasional social get-togethers. If entertaining is your priority, buy a cheaper model with greater capacity, and some added LED lighting.

The bottom line

🔎 The Intex SimpleSpa 28481E is a small but perfectly formed inflatable hot tub with relatively good energy efficiency and exemplary construction. It’s going to be too expensive for a lot of readers, but for buyers who plan on spending a lot of therapeutic time in the tub, the investment could be more than worthwhile. ★★★★

What you need to know: If you’re a big fan of aquatic chill-out sessions at home or in the yard, you probably already know all about Intex. This brand is one of the leading manufacturers of spa-style hot tubs and above-ground swimming pools. The SimpleSpa 28481E is one of Intex’s most accessible inflatable hot tubs for home use, combining a delightful, 100-point bubble-jet massage system with a heat-retentive design that saves on hassle and energy costs. 

Design: The Intex SimpleSpa 28481E Inflatable Hot Tub is perfectly designed to give you a super relaxing and enjoyable spa-like hydrotherapy experience in your own home or yard. It comes with an adjustable heating system to ensure the temperature of the water can be adjusted to your preferred temperature, right up to a very warm 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The tub is made with high-strength material, ensuring greater longevity versus the average competitor. 

Comfort: Even when you don’t take its relaxing bubble jets into account, this tub is pretty comfy, with a softly rounded backrest that molds to the user’s body. There’s also a holder for drinks and smartphones, giving you two fewer reasons to leave the water once settled in. With all that said, you might find that the SimpleSpa becomes slightly crowded when it’s filled to its maximum capacity of four bathers. This is a classic case of a hot tub manufacturer being generous towards themselves when estimating a product’s usage limit.

Features: When you purchase this stylish hot tub, not only do you get the portable tub itself, but it also comes with a host of high-quality accessories, including an energy-saving cover, insulation layer, inflation hose, carry bag, floating chlorine dispenser, and two filter cartridges. All these features make the tub easy to use and maintain. The energy-saving cover, which helps your inflatable hot tub to maintain its temperature, is particularly impressive, helping you to conserve energy and reduce heat-up times. 

Price: The only downside to this inflatable hot tub is the cost. Typically priced around $500, the Intex SimpleSpa 28481E is pretty expensive, considering its 4-person capacity. On the plus side, you’re getting a very high-quality product made by a leading manufacturer in return for that substantial investment. If you’re in a healthy financial position to spread the cost over time, you might consider buying the SimpleSpa 28481E on finance, with options of up to 24 months available.

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Intex SimpleSpa 28481E test results
DesignTough, straightforward and convenient.★★★★
ComfortGreat form; even better bubbles.★★★★
FeaturesBrilliant, cleverly designed accessories.★★★★★
PriceExpensive, for a 4-person tub.★★★

The best portable inflatable hot tub

More than just a great portable pick, the Fiji Airjet is brimming with useful features, including therapeutic massage jets and a convenient temperature timer.


Capacity: 177 gallons
Accommodates: 4 people
Max. temperature: 104 degrees F
Jets: 120

Reasons to buy

Freeze Shield Technology 
 Timed temperature control 

Reasons to avoid

No back jets
Quite small for 4 people 
Buy it if

✅ You want to share the fun: This inflatable hot tub is relatively lightweight and easy to pack or set up. It’s, therefore, an ideal choice for users who’d like to transport their tub to share it with friends and family.

✅ It gets really cold in your area: Some inflatable hot tubs suffer damage when water freezes inside them. With the SaluSpa Fiji Airjet, you get a Freeze Shield accessory to minimize that risk. (You should still take the tub inside at very cold times of the year.)   

✅ A natural theme appeals to you: The wood paneling-themed exterior of this hot tub won’t fool many observers into thinking you’ve got a wooden tub, but it does contribute a nice, woodsy aesthetic. 

Don't buy it if:

❌ You want to share the fun: While the Fiji AirJet has an advertised maximum capacity of four users, it’s much better suited to two or three people at a time. It’s more of a family tub than a party tub.

❌ The tub is intended to treat a back complaint: This tub doesn’t have massage jets in the areas where a seated user’s back would be. However, it does feature some lovely bubble jets elsewhere. For lumbar therapy, this isn’t the ideal choice for an inflatable hot tub.

❌ Eye-catching features are your focus: While the Fiji Airjet is a highly effective hot tub, it’s quite straightforward. Some users might prefer a design with extra features such as lighting and headrests. It’s all a matter of personal taste. 

The bottom line

🔎 The Bestway SaluSpa Fiji Airjet is one of our favorite inflatable hot tubs. It’s an ideal choice for one or two users at a time, with a compact design allowing easy maintenance and portability. However, the tub becomes a little crowded when used by three or four people at once. If you’re searching for a personal backyard spa, look no further!★★★★

The BestWay SaluSpa Fiji AirJet Hot Tub is a compact, high-spec inflatable hot tub with an advertised capacity of 2-4 people. The tub is made with a three-layered material called ‘DuraPlus,’ which offers a higher level of resistance to tearing and stretching versus the industry standard PVC. On the tub's exterior, a wood paneling-themed covering adds a pleasant rustic feel. 

Design: Setup and assembly weren't the most straightforward and took quite a lot of effort, but once the hot tub was inflated, we absolutely loved it. The hot water can be heated to temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and there are 120 massage jets around the inside lining of the tub to make bubbles while you soak. They're not quite jacuzzi-strength bubbles, and there are no jets where your back will rest, but it's still a nice, soothing extra.

Comfort: This inflatable hot tub doesn't have seats, but it's got a nice, squishy layer of padding that makes for really comfortable seating. It must be said, however, that the Fiji AirJet becomes far less comfortable when used by three or four people at once. During our testing, the reviewer found that it was a very tight squeeze to use the tub with three other volunteers. Stick to two users at a time, and you should find the tub blissfully comfortable. 

Features: The SaluSpa Fiji AirJet also has a timer-saving function to save you energy and money: you can set the time you want the hot tub to reach peak temperature, and it will start heating enough in advance to warm up on schedule. Remember that inflatable hot tubs generally take several hours to reach bathing temperature. Realistically, you’ll be waiting overnight or through the day until the evening. Another cool (or perhaps not-so-cool) feature of the Fiji Airjet is its Freeze Shield accessory, which rests across the tub to minimize the risk of water freezing during very cold weather. 

Price: Typically priced between $400 and $500, the Bestway SupaSpa Fiji AirJet is pretty expensive compared to other inflatable hot tubs with a similar capacity. The good news is you’re getting a very good tub for the money, with high-quality construction and great performance when used by one or two people at a time. Plus, since this hot tub has a relatively low capacity, you'll spend less on the electricity needed to heat the water. 

Read more: Bestway SaluSpa Fiji Airjet inflatable hot tub review

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Bestway SaluSpa Fiji Airjet test results
DesignDurable, effective and easy to handle.★★★★★
ComfortGreat cushioning, with soothing jets.★★★★★
FeaturesThe Freeze Shield is a good addition.★★★★
PriceQuite expensive, but worth it.★★★★

The best inflatable hot tub with high-end features

Best inflatable hot tubs: Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Jet Spa

(Image credit: Amazon)
The best inflatable hot tub with built-in features


Capacity: 210 gallons
Accommodates: 4 people
Maximum temperature: 104 degrees F
Jets: 140

Reasons to buy

2 headrests  
Bubble massage experience with 104 jets
LED light built in 

Reasons to avoid

Small capacity  
Buy it if

✅ Headrests help you relax: The Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble comes with a pair of luxurious inflatable headrests. Taller users, in particular, will appreciate the added neck support.

✅ You like a bit of sparkle: This inflatable hot tub comes with a fantastic in-built array of color-changing LED lights, which amp up the atmosphere of your outdoor space.  

✅ Quality matters to you: Intex is one of the best inflatable hot tub manufacturers. True to form, the PureSpa Plus Bubble exhibits high-quality construction, from its 3-ply laminated materials to its excellent accessories.

Don't buy it if:

❌ There’ll be lots of people sharing the tub: Intex’s tub tops out at a maximum user capacity of four. And really, it’s more comfortable with two or three users. You can get a bigger inflatable tub for a similar price, although that might mean losing some quality.

❌ You’re working on a tight budget: Relative to its capacity, the Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble is pretty expensive, with prices hovering around the $600 mark. However, that investment will get you a very good tub.

❌ A more elaborate design is desired: Whereas some inflatable hot tubs come in jazzy patterns, the Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble has a muted, navy blue design. You may or may not think that’s a good thing, depending on your personal taste.

The bottom line

🔎 The Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble is up there with the very best inflatable hot tubs we’ve reviewed. Not only is the tub comfortable and user-friendly, but it also features some standout extras, including its pair of luxurious head cushions and color-changing LED lights.  There are only two potential drawbacks here: the relatively low capacity and the price. ★★★★

The Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble offers a solution for buyers who want to turn up the luxury dial on their backyard bathing sessions. This swanky tub features extras that would normally need to be purchased as additional accessories, including a pair of comfy inflatable headrests and an array of color-changing LED lights. As for hydrotherapy features, the PureSpa Plus Bubble has a bubble massage system featuring 140 jets, so the user can enjoy a soothing massage effect while they soak.

Design: This inflatable hot tub is superlatively designed, with a simple set-up, an attractive aesthetic, and great performance. The only potential downside is its relatively small capacity, which gives space for no more than four persons. So, while the tub can fit most families, there’s little room for entertaining. However, the tub can hold a hefty 210 gallons of water, meaning the advertised maximum capacity of 4 people is pretty realistic – which is a rare thing in this product category.

Comfort: User reviews consistently feature remarks on how highly comfortable it is to sit inside – and our reviewer fully agreed, rating the tub as very comfortable and relaxing. Many users will find the headrests to be a particularly welcome addition. The walls of the PureSpa Portable Bubble are reinforced with an extensive structure of beams within a FiberTech construction, so you can rest assured that the tub is just as sturdy as it is soft.

Features: The extensive package of accessories included with the Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble includes cleaning materials, an insulated cover, and a thermal ground cloth to keep your tub running efficiently. And then, of course, you have those eye-catching extras: the inflatable headrests and the LED lights. With that said, there are a handful of features that we’d like to see added to this model – for example, child safety locks for the cover. 

Price: There’s no denying it: the PureSpa Plus Bubble is a pretty expensive inflatable hot tub. Usually, you can pick up this model for around $600 from retailers such as Walmart. For some shoppers, this is simply too much money to spend on this type of product. With that said, we can vouch for the high quality of this tub if you’re thinking of splashing out.

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Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble test results
DesignA high-performing, user-friendly product.★★★★★
ComfortSuperb, full-body comfort.★★★★★
FeaturesWe love the headrests and LEDs.★★★★
PriceExpensive, but high-quality.★★★★

The best luxury inflatable hot tub

Best inflatable hot tubs: Bestway 54190E SaluSpa

(Image credit: Amazon)
The best inflatable hot tub for a touch of luxury


Capacity: 242 gallons
Accommodates: 7 people
Maximum temperature: 104 degrees
Jets: 84

Reasons to buy

Massage jet system
Integrated water filtration
Seats up to 7 people

Reasons to avoid

One of the most expensive inflatable hot tubs
Wood-style exterior will suit only certain users
Buy it if

✅ Big hot tub parties are your thing: This is one of the largest inflatable hot tubs you can get, with enough capacity to seat up to seven bathers (at a squeeze).

✅ Water quality is a key concern: With built-in water filtration, the Helsinki AirJet helps provide great water quality when used with good hot tub hygiene practices.

✅ You value easy setup: No additional tools are required to set up this user-friendly inflatable hot tub – although it does take a long time to fill.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You’re trying to conserve water: With a lavish 242-gallon maximum capacity, the Helsinki AirJet does not lend itself well to economical water or energy use.

❌ Funds are tight: As you’d expect, given the tub’s high capacity and large size, the list price for the Helsinki AirJet is pretty steep. The energy costs for ongoing use will also be relatively expensive.

❌ Wood effect designs don’t appeal to your eye: Whereas some buyers will love the wood paneling style exterior of this hot tub, other users may prefer a less elaborate design. 

The bottom line

🔎 The Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki AirJet is one of our top-rated high-capacity inflatable hot tubs for all the family – plus some friends. Not only is this tub big and spacious, but it’s also impressively durable and user-friendly. If you can handle the upfront cost and ongoing usage of water and energy, then this hot tub could be a great pick for your vibrant home.  ★★★★

Another gem from Bestway’s highly-rated SaluSpa range, the Helsinki AirJet is a jumbo-sized luxury inflatable hot tub with enough space to hold seven bathers and 242 gallons of gloriously warm water. Not just big but beautiful, this tub offers a great mix of advanced features, including an integrated chlorine dispenser and water filters.

Design: The luxury credentials of the Bestway 54190E SaluSpa Helsinki AirJet can hardly be in question when you cast an eye over features such as its massaging hydrotherapy jets, rapid heating system, and integrated water filtration system. If you squint, you might even mistake it for a permanently installed wooden hot tub, given its surprisingly convincing wood paneling design. 

Comfort: If you love entertaining, this inflatable hot tub would be an excellent choice to ensure every bather is seated comfortably. The tub has enough space for up to seven people, so the whole family and guests can kick back and relax. As usual, for the comfiest fit, we’d recommend subtracting a few users from that upper capacity limit. The triple-ply material of the tub walls proves soft and supportive on the bather’s back.

Features: The excellent functionality of the Helsinki AirJet is epitomized by the tub’s digital control panel, which allows you to set the temperature and control the jets at the touch of a button. You can also use the controls to schedule a temperature setting for up to 72 hours in advance, meaning there’ll be no need for you or your guests to wait around while the water heats up. Another standout feature is the tub’s integrated water filter – a must-have if you’re concerned about water quality. 

Price: Priced at over $700 by most retailers, the Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki AirJet has the most expensive inflatable hot tubs we’ve reviewed. Furthermore, the ongoing costs of filling and heating the 242-gallon tub will be relatively high compared to most small or medium alternatives. On a more positive note, the Helsinki AirJet is not exorbitantly priced compared to other inflatable hot tubs of a similar capacity.

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Bestway 54190E SaluSpa Helsinki AirJet test results
DesignGreat style and performance.★★★★
ComfortSupportive and spacious.★★★★
FeaturesGoes beyond the average inflatable hot tub.★★★★★
PriceExpensive, but fair, given the capacity.★★★

The best inflatable hot tub for 5-6 people

Best inflatable hot tubs: Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe Six-Person

(Image credit: Intex)
The best inflatable hot tub for five to six people


Capacity: 290 gallons
Accommodates: 6 people
Maximum temperature: 104 degrees F
Jets: 170

Reasons to buy

High number of massage jets
Robust construction
Stylish design

Reasons to avoid

Takes a while to heat up
Buy it if

✅ High-density hydrotherapy is your priority: The PureSpa Greywood Deluxe features an incredible 170 massage jets – more than any other tub we’ve tested. Every bather will feel the benefit.

✅ You want to host hot tub parties: There’s enough space in this deluxe inflatable hot tub to accommodate up to six bathers inside a deep, spacious pool that holds a very large volume of water.
✅ Your standards are high: Intex has cut zero corners in making this premium inflatable hot tub, from its robust construction to its attractive wood-grain design.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You’re in a hurry: This tub holds a lot of water, and as a natural consequence, it can take a long time for the tub to reach the warm temperatures required for a proper hot tub experience.

❌ Affordable pricing is a factor: You won’t find many inflatable hot tubs that cost more than the Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe. Many buyers will feel more comfortable buying a lower-priced option – or doubling down and installing a permanent hot tub.

❌ Space is at a premium: This hot tub is pretty big, with an outer diameter of 85 inches. Before you purchase, check that your outdoor area has plenty of space to provide safe access to the tub. 

The bottom line

🔎 The Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe (6-Person) pushes the inflatable hot tub experience to the max, with more massage jets, more water, and higher costs than most of its competitors. If you’re happy to spend big, you won’t find a better option that seats up to six bathers at once. ★★★★

The Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe range comes very highly rated by customers and professional reviewers alike in both its four-person and six-person versions. The tub is clad in a faux gray wood grain exterior and has a hard-wearing 3-ply construction designed to resist tearing and stretching during long-term use. 

Design: Pretty much every detail of the Greywood Deluxe lends itself to a smooth and luxurious experience, from its hard-wearing material to its integrated inflation system.  Arguably, the most exceptional feature is the tub’s array of 170 high-power massage jets, which provide unparalleled coverage throughout the tub. The only downside to this tub’s design is that it can take a long time to heat up – although that’s not unusual for a large inflatable hot tub.  

Comfort: Users of the Greywood Deluxe tend to rate this inflatable hot tub as highly comfortable, with a soft surface and pleasantly squishy walls. Undoubtedly, the greatest level of comfort is reserved for the two lucky bathers who get to use the inflatable headrests. The walls are reinforced with a structure of beams, which ensures plenty of support and stability to underpin the squishy comfort of the tub. 

Features: We were super-impressed with the comprehensive features and accessories you get with the Greywood Deluxe. These range from very good core components, such as the tub’s wireless, rechargeable control panel, to extravagant extras, such as its inflatable headrests and color-changing LED lights. Pretty much every feature the average buyer will need comes as standard with this premium inflatable hot tub.

Price: There’s no getting away from the fact this is one expensive inflatable hot tub. With a recommended retail price exceeding $900, the 6-person Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe costs nearly twice as much as some of our other top-rated products in this category. Plus, the tub’s high water capacity will demand significant usage of energy and water during ongoing use. With all that said, the high quality and comprehensive feature set of the Greywood Deluxe may well justify its costs.  

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Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe (6-Person) test results
DesignImpeccable construction and performance.★★★★★
ComfortSupportive and luxurious.★★★★★
FeaturesHas everything most users could want.★★★★★
PriceHigh price and running costs.★★★

The best-value inflatable hot tub

Best inflatable hot tubs: Intex 77 PureSpa Bubble 28403E

(Image credit: Amazon)
The best value inflatable hot tub


Capacity: 210 gallons
Accommodates: 4 people
Maximum temperature: 104 degrees F
Jets: 120

Reasons to buy

The water is circulated through a water softener system
The cover has child-protected locks
It’s backed by a 12-month warranty

Reasons to avoid

Hygiene chemicals like chlorine are not included
Buy it if:

Value matters more to you than price. At first glance, the PureSpa Bubble seems like a pretty expensive inflatable hot tub. However, this product’s exemplary quality means your purchase will pay off long-term.  

✅  You’re looking for longevity. This tub features a high-tech water conditioning system that reduces the build-up of calcium – a leading cause of deterioration in hot tub heating units.

An earthy aesthetic appeals to you. The tan shade of this hot tub looks like it’s been lifted straight out of a sun-drenched Mediterranean patio. We appreciate the slight color contrast with the brown straps on the cover. 

Don't buy it if:

You want to throw big hot tub parties. There’s just enough room in this inflatable hot tub to accommodate four seated bathers. Think cozy chillout session; don’t think: a pool party. 

A hefty price tag will be off-putting. While some users will see buying the PureSpa Bubble as a long-term investment in quality, that $700+ price tag is going to be far too high for a lot of household budgets.  

❌ You expect everything to come bundled in. Buyers must purchase a few additional cleaning substances to use with this inflatable hot tub – especially chlorine.  

The bottom line:

🔎 The Intex PureSpa Bubble 28425E may be a little on the expensive side, but this inflatable hot tub is great value, considering its quality and longevity. With reinforced, multi-layer construction and an electronic, hard water treatment system, you can enjoy the PureSpa Bubble’s 120-jet hydrotherapy system for longer. ★★★★

The Intex PureSpa Bubble 28425E is a premium inflatable hot tub with heavy-duty construction and a good selection of accessories at a very reasonable price. The tub’s Fiber-Tech material combines reinforced laminated PVC with a fibrous layer to deliver an exceptional mix of durability, structural integrity, and comfort. The tub holds 210 gallons of water and can support four adults. Manufacturer Intex is widely regarded as one of the leading makers of hot tubs and above-ground pools. 

Design: Using the digital controls on the heater, you can set the temperature to anywhere between 68 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The bubble massage system, with its 120 water, can also be operated using the digital console. The jets are powered by the same air pump you use to inflate the tub. A bundled-in air pressure gauge helps you inflate the tub to just the right level, and a specialized wrench is included to tighten the valve when needed.

Comfort: This inflatable hot tub is rated as highly comfortable by most users. The high-strength fibrous material on the inside of the tub provides a pleasant surface to lay against while robustly retaining its form during ongoing use of the hot tub. One minor negative point is that the PureSpa Bubble does not come with Intex’s super-comfortable inflatable headrests, which are included with PureSpa Plus models. 

Features: The PureSpa Bubble inflatable hot tub has several features that go beyond the usual. The thermal ground cloth protects the bottom of the tub while adding a layer of energy-saving insulation. The fitted cover has child-protected safety locks and a foil lining to help retain heat. Perhaps most impressively of all, the PureSpa Bubble uses a combination pump and heater that circulates water first through a built-in water softener and then through a water filter. This uncommon, advanced pumping system improves the bather’s experience and the pump’s longevity. 

Price: You might be a little confused about why we’ve chosen the PureSpa Bubble 28425E as our best-value inflatable hot tub. After all, this product is typically priced somewhere in the region of $800. Where the value comes in, however, is in the tub’s longevity. With durable construction and a water conditioning system to combat calcium deposits, the PureSpa Bubble is designed for longer-term use than the average competing hot tub.  

The best affordable inflatable hot tub for two people

Best inflatable hot tubs: Aleko 2-Person 130-Jet

(Image credit: Home Depot)

8. Aleko 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub

The best two-person inflatable hot tub


Capacity: 160 gallons
Accommodates: 4 people (much better for 2)
Maximum temperature: 104 degrees F
Jets: 100-130

Reasons to buy

Heats up to a maximum temperature of 108°
Great for limited spaces
Inflates in minutes and deflates for easy storage

Reasons to avoid

A less stylish finish
Buy it if:

Only one or two people will use the tub at a time. Contrary to its name, the Aleko 4-person isn’t really a great fit for four. However, it’s an ideal option for one or two bathers at a time.  

Budget is limited. There’s only so much money a household can spend on luxuries like inflatable hot tubs. This tub is a good, affordable solution with a relatively low price and running costs.  

Square inflatable hot tubs appeal to you. This is one of only a few inflatable hot tubs we’ve encountered with a square design.  

Don't buy it if:

You’re a fashionista. As far as aesthetics are concerned, this inflatable hot tub looks pretty basic. That won’t be a problem for function-focused users, but style-conscious buyers are another story. 

Luxury is the aim. While Aleko’s inflatable hot tub certainly offers a luxurious sensation for the bather, it doesn’t have the sort of high-end features you’d get with a premium inflatable hot tub. 

Big groups will use the tub. If there are more than three users, this inflatable hot tub becomes crowded and not-so-relaxing. ‘Person’ capacity ratings for hot tubs are often over-optimistic – so look at the water capacity instead.  

The bottom line:

🔎 The Aleko 4-Person inflatable hot tub looks modest, but there are plenty of positives under the surface. Not only is this one of the lowest-priced options featured in this roundup, but it’s also one of the most convenient, with very quick inflation and water heating. We wouldn’t recommend it for four parties – but two users at a time will find this tub perfectly accommodating.  ★★★

Although it’s advertised for up to four users, we rate the Aleko 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub as a perfect escape for two people. With a straightforward setup and an easy-touch control panel to help you along, it's easy to imagine kicking back in this tub without a care in the world. The affordable price point will hopefully mean you can justify this little slice of relaxation, even if it is just for the two of you. Aleko is a family-owned retailer of home and outdoor goods based out of Kent, WA. 

Design: The square footprint of the Aleko 4-Person makes this inflatable hot tub a suitable option for use in tight spaces. If you’ve decided to integrate hydrotherapy into your home life but you have only a little indoor or yard space to play with, this tub could be the perfect solution. We were really impressed with this hot tub’s energy-efficient design features. The underside of the cover also has a foil coating to keep water extra warm and conserve heat between uses, while the whole tub heats up much faster than most of its competitors. 

Comfort: Users of the Aleko 4-Person are generally positive about the tub’s comfort levels. It certainly helps that the tub has a cushioned floor, designed to keep you nice and comfy while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the hydrotherapy bubble jets. One minor negative point is that the bubble jets may cool the water somewhat, meaning you might need to boost the temperature setting following a hydrotherapy session.

Features: Although it doesn’t offer all the fancy features that tend to come with costlier inflatable hot tubs, the Aleko 4-Person gives you everything you need to enjoy a relaxing soak at home. This includes an ‘easy-touch’ control panel, a fitted cover lined with heat-retentive aluminum – and perhaps most importantly, a hydrotherapy system comprising 100-130 bubble jets. If you don’t mind going without luxurious extras such as headrests and LED lighting, this hot tub will do very nicely. 

Price: Regarding affordability, the Aleko 4-Person inflatable hot tub can’t be beaten. Its list price is a highly competitive $450, and we’ve seen that figure go as low as $389 during seasonal sales. With all that said, it’s worth noting that a cheaper RRP often comes with a product that doesn’t last quite as long. Another economical plus point to Aleka’s tub is its rapid heat-up times, which limit the time you’ll need to have the tub powered on before use. 

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Aleko 4-Person test results
DesignFunctional, but not exactly luxurious.★★★
ComfortGood comfort, with bubble-jet hydrotherapy.★★★
FeaturesGives you all the basics.★★★
PriceGreat low price and lean running costs.★★★★★

How to choose the best inflatable hot tub for you

If you've decided to invest in an inflatable hot tub, the sheer amount of choice may be overwhelming. Below, we've outlined a few factors to consider when purchasing so you can be sure you spend your money wisely. 

Space: Before buying an inflatable hot tub, you will want to make sure it fits in the space you intend for it. Inflatable hot tubs have the advantage of being deflatable and more easily stored, unlike their permanent counterparts. However, they still come in various sizes, from smaller 2-person ones to larger tubs. If you intend to host larger parties and have the yard size for it, you could invest in a 10-person tub! 

Don't forget to consider where your hose and outlets are, as your inflatable hot tub must be plugged in to operate. Additionally, it could be worth noting how small you can get the tub to be once it's folded up to ensure it fits in your garage for storage.

Shape and design: While the choices aren't massively varied, you can choose between a round, oval, square, or rectangular inflatable hot tub. Rectangular ones are best for taller people or those who want more legroom. Some tub models come in various colors, styles, and designs. While you can get simple colored ones, you can also find luxury wood-paneled items or models with a fake stone exterior to blend into your decor. 

Price and warranty: Your budget will be a deciding factor in purchasing your inflatable hot tub. Prices vary widely between models, but the smaller ones tend to retail around $300, while premium and larger models will be closer to $1,000. 

Apart from the upfront cost, there are also running costs to consider. Especially when water and electricity costs are on the rise, it's important to take efficiency ratings and any maintenance costs into account. 

A good warranty is also an indicator of both the quality of the product and the confidence a brand has in it. Most inflatable hot tubs tend to have a 1- to 5-year warranty that tends to be split into the motor, parts, and manufacture. As this purchase is quite a large investment, you'll want to ensure it's well-guaranteed to ensure peace of mind.  

Additional features: Aside from the basics, some inflatable hot tubs have a wide range of features to make your tub even better. While the exact options will vary depending on the model and brand, some extra features to consider in your desired model include:

• LED lights

• Headrests

• Add-in seats

• Water temperature timer

• LCD control panel

• Floating drink holders

• Bluetooth speakers

• Multiple massage jets

• Integrated water filtration

• Child protection locks

• Decent maximum temperature

Inflatable hot tub FAQs

Do inflatable hot tub spas offer hydrotherapy?

The therapeutic advantages of hydrotherapy treatments within hot tubs are well known, and you may be wondering if the same soothing effects can be found within inflatable models, too. While the good news is that inflatable tubs can mimic the experience of a real tub, with an interchangeable number of jets and warm temperatures, there is a difference in the intensity of the massage available.

Unlike inflatable hot tubs with hydro jets, portable models use massage jets to create bubbles. The same high-pressure and high-flow jets used within hot tubs aren’t found in these more portable models, which keeps the price down and portability possible. 

This compromise on the jets doesn’t mean that relaxation through hydrotherapy isn’t possible with an inflatable tub, as the warmth and the buoyancy of the water alone can help with stiffness and pain. 

The number of jets will vary between each inflatable hot tub spa, so if the sound of more bubbles is especially appealing to you, look for over 100 jets within your new purchase rather than a model that doesn’t prioritize that massaging feeling.

How much do inflatable hot tubs cost to run?

The cost of running an inflatable hot tub depends on a few major factors: electricity, water, filters, cleaning, and chemicals. To a lesser degree, other factors will contribute to hot tub maintenance costs, like its size, where you set it up, how often you use it, and how strict you are about cleaning it. Electricity costs vary by state, so running a hot tub may be less expensive for Louisiana residents than for Alaskans or Hawaiians.

In our research, we found that the average cost of running an inflatable hot tub is $600 per year. If you purchase a larger hot tub and use it more often than three times a week, you’ll see a higher electricity bill, among other costs.

The cost of buying an inflatable hot tub is another consideration. Our list of the best inflatable hot tubs features models costing between $300-$700, depending on their size and features. 

Are inflatable hot tubs any good?

Investing in one of the best inflatable hot tubs is enticing for many reasons, including the low initial cost and hassle-free installation. Outdoor inflatable hot tubs are also good for maintenance, cleaning, and storage. If you're using your inflatable tub as a test run for buying a proper hot tub, then cleaning and maintaining the pH levels of the water, as well as keeping unwanted debris out, will be an excellent learning experience before you commit to a permanent installation.

One drawback is that inflatable hot tubs with seats are rare. Although manufacturers may advertise a model with a certain number of seats, this most likely means the number of persons that can sit on the bottom of the tub, not that there are any actual seats for sitting on. However, if you want seats to add to your inflatable hot tub, they can sometimes be bought online. Manufacturers often sell specific compatible seats for certain models of inflatable tubs.

Inflatable hot tubs are almost always made from either PVC or vinyl and come with an external combination pump and heater unit that controls both the water temperature and the massage jets. Inflatable hot tubs can generally be set up in 15 or 20 minutes and filled with a garden hose, and most can heat water to comfortably hot temperatures overnight. 

Construction: Layered vinyl or PVC is standard for inflatable hot tubs, but many models have walls reinforced with fabrics like polyester or nylon. This is usually indicated with a proprietary name: Intex calls its unique blend of materials Fiber-Tech, while Coleman uses the name Tri-Tech 3 Layer Material for its mix of polyester mesh and layered PVC.

The design and structure are just as important as the material. Many manufacturers use a segmented inflatable design reinforced with a vertical I-beam internal structure. These internal vinyl panels make for a sturdier tub that can support users when they lean against it or even sit directly on the outer wall. Premium models add another level of stability and protection with interlocking panels surrounding the inflatable tub. These also provide a rigid wall that protects and insulates the tub.

Covers: All inflatable spas should include a locking top cover for safety. In some cases, this cover also insulates the tub and accelerates the water-heating process. Some models include inflatable covers that fit into the top of the tub like a stopper in a bottle, while others use insulating materials like foam or foil lining to keep the heat inside. Regardless of insulation style, you’ll want a cover that offers more than a fitted piece of fabric.

Other accessories: There are all sorts of accessories available for maintaining and enjoying your portable spa, from chemical dispensers to inflatable cushions. If you plan to leave the tub filled for days or weeks at a time, you should choose one that includes chemicals like chlorine or bromine, along with the necessary dispenser and test strips to monitor the pH levels of the water.

How to care for an inflatable hot tub

With regular maintenance, you can keep your inflatable hot tub running optimally all year round and use it whenever you want. To facilitate this, you'll need various accessories, tools, and cleaning equipment for maintenance. It's worth investing in quality equipment and cleaning your hot tub regularly, as this will ensure the tub lasts longer and develops fewer problems during its lifetime.

Empty and clean the tub: Cleaning instructions vary slightly from hot tub to hot tub. However, most need to be drained and physically cleaned quite frequently. Luckily, this process isn’t too difficult – a sponge and some mild dish soap do the trick in most cases. Let the tub fully air-dry after rinsing and before filling it back up.

Test pH levels: You must regularly test the alkalinity of the water in your hot tub. The pH may change very little when you’re not using the tub but more sharply during frequent use, especially if more than one or two people use it. If the pH levels drop too low, the hot tub’s interior materials, or even the entire tub, could deteriorate.

Keep it covered: When there’s water in your hot tub and you’re not using it, keep it covered. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it removes the issue of leaves, debris, and animals, so your inflatable hot tub stays clean. Secondly, the lid helps hold in heat. Although a cover won’t maintain the water at a temperature comfortable for soaking, keeping it as warm as possible shortens the time it takes to heat it up when you want to use it.

Change filters: As with a standard pool, you should change your inflatable hot tub’s filter roughly once a week to keep it clean and debris-free. Most models have a filter you can clean and reuse, though you may want to replace a filter occasionally for freshness. Consult the user manual that came with your hot tub for filter replacement recommendations.

Add a sanitizing solution: This should seem obvious, but it bears emphasizing: in addition to regularly draining and cleaning your hot tub and changing its filters, you should also sanitize it. You can add sanitizer before each use or on a less frequent (but regular) basis if you don’t use the tub often.

How we choose the inflatable hot tubs

Our inflatable hot tub reviews are compiled through a mixture of hands-on testing and in-depth market research. 

In putting together this buyer's guide, we considered factors including design, comfort, features, and pricing. Inflatable hot tubs of varying design, affordability, and size were considered so that we could bring together suitable recommendations for a diverse audience of readers.