Lenovo refreshes educational laptop range with fast charging and more

Lenovo refreshes educational laptop range with fast charging and more
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Lenovo has announced a new generation of laptops built with education in mind. These new laptops start at just $299 and will begin rolling out in May 2021. The new models will be available in both Windows and Chromebook variants so there's something for every taste - whether you want the full Windows experience or prefer the security and flexibility that a Chromebook can bring. 

The Lenovo 14w Gen 2 ($334) and Lenovo 300w Gen 3 ($359) both launch in May with the Lenovo 100w Gen 3 ($299) and Lenovo 500w Gen 3 ($429) becoming available in June. Notably, all the models are at fairly affordable prices so they should sit nicely among our best laptop for college guide, and prove ideal for students on a tight budget. 

All of the new laptops meet the MIL-SPEC 801H standard for durability thanks to offering reinforced ports and hinges, rubber bumpers, and improved spill resistance. If you're liable to be a little clumsy with your technology or simply know that your laptop will be bumped a lot when traveling between classes, the new Lenovo range could be ideal for a bit of peace of mind. They all also feature Corning Gorilla Glass on the screen so there's extra resistance against any cracks or scratches. 

Each laptop also has a USB-C port which supports quick charging that can provide up to 80% battery from only an hour of charging - ideal for anyone who forgets to recharge often. HDMI connectivity is also included across the board which is handy if you want to hook your laptop up to a bigger screen. They all also have optional Wi-Fi 6 and some models also have an option for 4G LTE if you require maximum portability. 

When it comes to technical prowess, the Lenovo 14w Gen 2, Lenovo 100w and 300w run on an AMD processor while the Lenovo 500w Gen 3 runs on an Intel Pentium N6000 processor. Optional extras include increased RAM and eMMC storage (or SSD storage for Windows models) as well as a choice of touchscreen if you so wish. As you'd expect with these prices, they won't be the fastest systems out there so they probably won't make a dent in our best laptops roundup but they could be perfect for those needing to be productive on a budget.

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