Lezyne Super Pro GPS review

Lezyne Super Pro GPS deals out all the features, including navigation in a mid sized form with big battery and low price

Lezyne Super Pro GPS
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Lezyne Super Pro GPS packs in lots of features, including turn by turn navigation mapping and sensor compatibility. This is all fitted into a mid sized form with long battery life and affordable low price.


  • +

    Decent battery life

  • +

    Landscape mode

  • +

    Good value

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    Excellent connectivity


  • -

    No color display

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The Lezyne Super Pro GPS is a mid-sized and reasonably priced bike computer that offers lots and lots of features for the price as well as the rather unique landscape mode.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS: What you need to know

The Lezyne Super Pro GPS is one of the newer models from the company that is fast becoming a big name in the world of cycle computers. This offers a competitive selection of features to take on the likes of Garmin and Wahoo, while undercutting them in price.

The big features in this updated model, that set it apart from the Lezyne Super GPS, are the inclusion of turn-by-turn navigation as well as Strava Live Segments support.

There are plenty more features in this bike computer, of course, and a newly updated design. You still get that landscape and portrait mode twisting option to suit your needs too.

This is a mid-sized unit but you don't get a color screen which may be a negative for some. That said, the monochrome display does help with battery life which is excellent on the Super Pro GPS.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS: Design and build

  • 28-hour battery
  • 2.1oz weight
  • Monochrome screen

The Lezyne Super Pro GPS isn't going to win any awards for design aesthetics as it feels a bit dated, even though this is the updated version. That said, waterproofing has been improved and the build quality is solid. The case itself is a handheld unit but there is a lot of bezel wasting potential extra screen space – although at just 2.1oz it's not really an issue.

While this isn't the most aerodynamic device you can mount in on the handlebars or out in front and use both landscape and portrait modes. While landscape might not be as a good for map displays, to see what's up ahead, the data readouts in that mode are excellent with up to eight fields on a screen.

You get four buttons for controls which are responsive, intuitively placed and easy to navigate with. The monochrome display is clear to read in both bright daylight and when at night with the backlight on. The resolution is nice and high for crisp data fields but also clear mapping when navigating. The micro-USB port flap is a bit fiddly but you don't need to charge often and for added water-resistance we'll take that trade-off over easy access.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS: Features and connectivity

  • ANT+ and Bluetooth
  • Strava Live Segments
  • Turn-by-turn navigation

The Lezyne Super Pro GPS is great for connectivity with both ANT+ and Bluetooth but also FE-C Trainer compatibility and Smart Connect. That means heart rate monitors, cadence/speed sensors, electronic drivetrains and power meters are all supported.

The Lezyne Ally app helps with connections and setup too. This also allows you to get smartphone notifications on the display while riding and to use live features.

One such feature is Strava Live Segments with auto sync of your data after the ride. This also works with TrainingPeaks and Today's Plan with structured workouts you can follow and auto uploading of your resulting data. 

Mapping offers turn-by-turn navigation as well as auto rerouting should you go off course. You can download lots of maps offline for use without any connection.

Lezyne Ally app allows you to upload routes to the device. This is great if you want to change your route mid-ride without the hassle of button clicking through menus – just pick a location on the app and it will near instantly sync to the Super Pro GPS.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS: Performance

  • Accurate navigation
  • Excellent 28-hour battery
  • App could be easier to use

The Lezyne Super Pro GPS offers decent turn-by-turn navigation on the size of the screen, especially when you consider it's not color. Thanks to the chevron style marking of routes it's clear where you need to go. The addition of beeps to alert you to turns is useful and these are timely so you don't have to panic when coming to a potential turn-off. Rerouting when off course works well but sometimes could have worked more efficiently at times – still, it gets you where you need to go.

The claimed 28-hour battery life seems fair. Of course this will vary depending on how you use it – adding in lots of sensors and riding at full screen brightness might knock a few hours off that time, for example. But, compared to the competition, this is a very impressive battery life and certainly enough to leave you with several rides under your belt before you need to think about uncurling that micro-USB charger. 

While the Lezyne Ally app is useful and works well to update the device itself, in near real-time, it's still not the most intuitive. Both the Super Pro GPS and the Ally app feel technically designed by engineers, which is fine for a working product but it's not got that refined user focus in mind and could use a bit of polishing to make it more friendly. That said, once you know your way around it does work well.

The app works hard out of sight too, allowing you to take advantage of real-time features like live tracking thanks to the phone's data connection. On screen alerts mean you don't have to take your phone out too. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection it doesn't noticeably drain phone battery either.

Should I buy the Lezyne Super Pro GPS?

If you want a decent price on a fully featured cycle computer that offers navigation combined with a very good battery life and landscape mode display then the Lezyne Super Pro GPS is for you. The smartphone app makes for lots of live feature support while huge connectivity allows you to use all your sensors, training files and routes from elsewhere too.

The looks aren't the best and the software isn't refined but if those things don't bother you – and you don't want a color screen - then this does the job very well for the price.

Lezyne Super Pro GPS: Verdict

The Lezyne Super Pro GPS is a powerful and compact bike computer that will let you explore with accurate and well-timed turn-by-turn navigation and mapping. The ability to use landscape and portrait modes is a nice touch as is the use of the Ally app for live tracking and on-the-go route changes. 

The battery life is excellent, as is connectivity to sensors and third-party apps. Aside from the lack of color screen this is a tough cycle computer to find fault with at the price. 

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