Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

BorrowersFirst is a lesser-known lending company that offers competitive loan amounts, rates and fees, among other loan features. However, unlike every other company on our lineup, this service does not offer a soft credit pull to determine your eligibility, which means it will affect your credit without knowing whether or not you will qualify. We also could not get very many specifics about the requirements for eligibility as the website provides very little information.

This company offers personal-for-business loans that fall within the standard range for lenders. To qualify for a loan, you must meet certain credit score thresholds. Other specifics for eligibility are unclear, as we were told an algorithm processes the applications, which is typical, but the best P2P lenders provide a range or exact number for other requirements, including debt-to-income ratio. Fewer than half of the U.S. states are eligible for a loan with this service, which will also disqualify many applicants.

Once completing your application, given you are approved, you will receive your funds within three to five days. The origination fee varies depending on your eligibility, as it will with all services, though we were unable to get a range for an idea of the fees. Other fees are typical, set at $15 for late fees, returned payments and check processing.

This company stays on top of its emails, which is something many companies struggled with in our experience. BorrowersFirst responded to our email the next day, and while not all of questions were answered, the representative addressed every question we had. While we did not have to wait to speak to someone when we called in, the representative sounded unsure about many of the questions we asked. This, coupled with a lack of general information on the website, means you may have a hard time finding answer to specific questions about the service.

BorrowersFirst offers figures that are comparable with other P2P lending companies. However, the process is not as favorable, and you may run into frustrations with not having specific questions answered before applying for a loan. Another negative is having the company run a credit check, which affects your credit score and determines your qualification for loan amount and rates.

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