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New coronavirus map reveals which stage of the outbreak your county or state is in

This map will show you where coronavirus is spreading, and where it's under control
(Image credit: Esri)

Coronavirus has plunged the country into lockdown, but depending on where you live, it could only be the start. This is according to a new interactive coronavirus map from spatial analytics firm Esri (opens in new tab), which has charted which US counties are in the 'spreading' stage of COVID-19, and which have the virus under control. Using data from Johns Hopkins University from the most recent 10 to 21 days, the map breaks down trends of the coronavirus pandemic into five groups:

  • Emergent: Early stages of outbreak.
  • Spreading: Early stages and depending on an administrative area’s capacity, this may represent a manageable rate of spread.
  • Epidemic: Uncontrolled spread.
  • Controlled: Average less than 0.5 new cases per 100,000 people for 21 days.
  • End Stage: Average less than one new case every five days for 42 days. 

In a Story Map (opens in new tab), Esri describes the way in which these trends can work together. 

'After Emergent, the goal is to move as soon as possible to Controlled. However, COVID-19 is highly contagious and many areas will move to the Spreading and Epidemic trends. Once Controlled, eliminating new cases will initiate the End Stage trend.'

New coronavirus map reveals which stage of the outbreak your county or state is in

America is currently described as being in the 'epidemic' stage of coronavirus (Image credit: Esri)

Although areas can avoid the 'spreading' and 'epidemic' stages through strict controls, America is currently described as being in the 'epidemic' stage of coronavirus, along with many other countries across the world. However, this varies dramatically between counties. The East Coast appears to be taking the brunt of the outbreak, which is consistent with our analysis of which states are most at-risk from coronavirus (opens in new tab), whereas Northwestern states are currently less impacted by the outbreak. You can interact with the map below to see how your county has been affected.

Although some states are beginning to reopen businesses and ease lockdown restrictions in an effort to support the economy, a recent poll found that 76% of Americans (opens in new tab) support another two weeks of lockdown. This is despite the fact that many are turning to personal loans online (opens in new tab) to consolidate their debts. With this in mind, we've written a helpful guide on what to do if you can't pay your mortgage (opens in new tab)

The CDC is advising that everyone should wear a face mask to slow the spread of coronavirus, which is of even greater importance if you live in an area that is currently in the grip of an outbreak. In our face mask 101 guide (opens in new tab), we've covered how to make your own face masks, the best materials to use, and other top tips.

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