New smart mattress from Sleepme keeps you cool all night long

A new mattress topper from Sleepme call the Chillisleep
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A new mattress topper has been unveiled at CES 2022 and could be the perfect solution for avoiding sweaty nights while also providing the latest in smart technology too.

The Chilisleep Dock Pro from Sleepme promises to be like having the cool side of the pillow at all times. It aims to keep your bed the ideal temperature all night long while also tracking your biometrics overnight too. One of the best cooling mattresses for the future? It could happen. 

The idea behind it is that the breathable topper contains channels filled with water. Each is cooled and circulated by a control unit that sits underneath your bed. It's possible to program the topper so that it changes temperature on a timer. For instance, you could have it warm up late at night when the temperature is at its coolest, or you could opt to have it gradually warm you in the morning to simulate the effect of a sunrise. Following that logic, it's kind of like a wake-up light for your body temperature.

The Chilisleep Dock Pro builds upon existing Sleepme models so there's a lot to like here. It has a mesh layer for better airflow plus it's quieter than previous models, coming in at around 41-46 decibels. That's roughly the equivalent of light rainfall so it shouldn't disturb you as you sleep.

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Alongside the mattress topper, it's possible to pair the Chilisleep Dock Pro with the Sleepme Insight. A sleep tracker, it collects statistics on your sleep stages and duration, giving you valuable insight into how well you're sleeping. It's the kind of technology you're unlikely to find elsewhere when looking at the best mattresses

Sleepme Insight is a slim mat that fits underneath your mattress, measuring your heart rate, breathing rate, bed temperature, and other figures. Combined with the Chilisleep Dock Pro, it can automatically change the temperature of your bed to suit your sleeping patterns. 

The downside? It's a subscription service. You'll need to sign up to Sleepme+ to reap the benefits of the Sleepme Insight although you do get the device free with it. Sleepme also promises tailored fitness advice, meditation guidance, and access to a community of other members.

There's no price yet for the Sleepme+ membership alone but the Chilisleep Dock Pro will be available to pre-order with a 12-month subscription for $1,299 from late March. Visit for more info.

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