I've tested all of these Ninja Black Friday deals – here's what you should buy

Ninja black friday deal
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Ninja Black Friday deals are here, which means it's the ideal time to power up your kitchen with savings on blenders, multi-cookers, and durable cookware. We see a lot of buzz around Ninja every Black Friday, and the brand never fails to deliver savings across its expansive line of products. But which are the ones you should invest in? 

As Head of Reviews here on TopTenReviews, I've tried just about everything Ninja has to offer. From the nonstick pans that I still use every morning to the ice cream maker that I break out to impress dinner guests, it's my go-to brand when it comes to reliable and creative kitchen must-haves. Here are ten Ninja Black Friday deals on products that I've tried and tested.

Of course, you may be looking for the classic Ninja Foodi multi-cooker, in which case you might want to take a look at recent comparisons of Ninja Foodi vs Instant Pot. While there was no clear winner, we did find that the Ninja was the better choice for those who want a machine that can air fry, roast, pressure cook, and a whole lot more. Find savings on this and much more below, with my top picks from Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and Ninja Kitchen itself. 

Ninja Black Friday deals

• Amazon: Save up to 38% on Ninja food processors
• Best Buy: Make a $170 saving on select microwaves at Best Buy
• Lowe's: Save up to $750 when you buy 6 or more appliances at Lowe's
• Ninja: Up to $150 off in Ninja's five days of deals event
• Target: Score a saving on coffee makers, cookware and more
• Walmart: Take $90 off our favorite multi-cooker

Ninja Black Friday deals: Our top picks

Ninja OL501 Foodi | was $199.99, now $109.99 at Walmart

Ninja OL501 Foodi | was $199.99, now $109.99 at Walmart
The Ninja OL501 Foodi is our top pick of multi-cookers, with a multi-functional lid that can air fry, steam cook and even pressure cook just by sliding the dial. I found that it requires a lot of storage space, but it's a versatile pick for busy kitchens.

Ninja Foodi NeverStick Cookware Collection | was $549, now $399.99 at Ninja Kitchen

Ninja Foodi NeverStick Cookware Collection | was $549, now $399.99 at Ninja Kitchen
Ninja Foodi NeverStick Premium has a popular following thanks to its durable non-stick coating. I've tried this against metal spoons and put it through the dishwasher time after time, without so much as a scuff. Now $150 off with code CYBER20.

Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System: was $199, now $149 at Walmart

Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System: was $199, now $149 at Walmart
A favorite in my smaller kitchen, this kitchen system can be used as a single-serve blender, a multi-serve blender, and even a food processor - making it a real space-saver. Its lid locks into place for added safety, and its pre-set buttons make the process hands-free.

After years of testing, these are the Ninja products we recommend

ninja black friday

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Before becoming Head of Reviews on TopTenReviews, I was Small Appliances editor on a number of our sister sites. That means I've been hands-on with an unusual amount of Ninja products. In fact, I made my first Ninja purchase on Black Friday 2019, and you can read my full Ninja Foodi review if you want my first impressions. 

Ninja makes a lot of brilliant products, but the one I use the most is my Professional blender. It has Auto-IQ settings for making ice cream, ice crush, or smoothies, and you can also go manual with Low, Medium and High speeds. 

Another great buy is the Neverstick cookware, which is well-coated in brilliant non-stick that is resistant to metal utensils and dishwasher-safe. I've put my set through the ringer, and it still looks brand new. 

Which Ninja Black Friday deal is right for you?

ninja foodi smartlid

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Ninja does a variety of machines for different home uses, and the type of cook you are will determine which model is right for you. They are quite expensive and can take up a fair bit of room in the kitchen, so choosing the right one is essential. There are sales on almost every type of Ninja product right now, so you'll likely save money regardless of what you buy.

Which Ninja is best for a big family?

If you're looking to cook for a whole family, something like the Ninja indoor grill range is for you. It has the ability to cook most kinds of protein, and it'll do things like bake and air fry too, so you can prepare healthy fries and even desserts to go along with your meats. 

It does take up a large surface area in the kitchen, but is still ideal for almost all set-ups. While large homeowners will already have built-in ovens and ranges for cooking meats, if you're in an apartment, something like the Ninja Foodi grill can be a versatile machine that broadens your cooking options. Most of the grills have baking and air frying built-in, so that covers a lot of options.

Which Ninja is best for small kitchens?

If you're living alone or with a partner, and you want cooking to be as quick and easy as possible, then one of the multi-purpose machines is best for you. If you're keen on different types of cooking, go for an 8-in-1 or 9-in-1 deluxe model. If you just want basic functions for things like frying, rice cooking, and slow-cooking, then the more basic 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 models will be fine for you. 

Anyone looking to prep great, home-cooked meals around a busy life should get something with slow and pressure cooking as standard. You can just throw in a load of ingredients at the start of the day, switch it on, and have a lovely meal by the evening.

Which Ninja is best for healthy cooking?

Ninja's range covers all kinds of juicers, blenders, and air fryers - all of which will help you eat healthier. Air fryers tend to use between 70-90% less oil than traditional fryers, so they can make delightfully healthy fried food. Most air fryers will also dehydrate too, so you can make healthy snacks like dried fruit. 

On the blender side, most of Ninja's range not only make smoothies and soups, but they'll also heat or cool whatever liquid is in there, so you can eat or drink it right away. Most are easy to clean too, with stainless steel finishes, so you won't be clearing up masses of mess later.

Can you make cake in a Ninja?

There is a range of ovens from Ninja that will help you bake all kinds of cake or bread products. They'll also do some of the more traditional cooking like roasting and broiling too, so you'll only need a single device in your kitchen. 

The more recent range of Ninja Foodis has a 'prove' setting that's designed to help bread rise, and using Steam functions you can make a surprisingly moist cake in your multi-cooker. 

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