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Ninja Foodi Black Friday deals 2020

Ninja Foodi Black Friday deals 2020
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Scores of online retailers launched their Ninja Foodi Black Friday deals for 2020, with savings across the entire Ninja Foodi range. Now that Black Friday is over for another year, though, there are still great savings to be had with Ninja Foodi Cyber Monday deals. 

This includes the brand’s cookers, grills, air fryers, blenders, and ovens, among other products, with discounts to be had at the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Ready to browse all items in the Ninja Foodi sales? No problem, as below we have created links that will take you directly to these discounted appliances at various trusted online stores. Or, if you’d prefer, scroll down for our top picks of this year’s Ninja Foodi Black Friday deals.

We’re updating our guide to these unmissable Ninja Foodi Black Friday discounts each day, so you’ll find all the latest offers right here. We also routinely remove any expired or sold out deals to avoid any disappointment - Ninja kitchen appliances are very popular and do sell out quickly when there’s a juicy discount to be had.

We’ve been covering Ninja Foodi deals for a few months and can rightly say that now is the best time to buy one of these coveted appliances. Some of the prices below are the lowest we’ve seen, especially the time-limited discounts on Ninja’s air fryers and all-in-one cookers. So if you’ve been dithering over buying one, we’d recommend getting involved. Black Friday is always a great time to find Ninja Foodi deals, so if you know which appliance you’re after, now is the time to buy.

There are other kitchen goodies on sale besides these Ninja Black Friday deals too. You may want to get baking with the best KitchenAid deals, for example. Of if you're after bigger home essentials, check out our guide to the latest Black Friday refrigerator deals, as well as Black Friday washing machine deals.

Best Ninja Foodi Black Friday deals

We've rounded up all the best Ninja Foodi Black Friday deals right here, and split them into categories to make it easier for you to browse.

Pressure cookers and Air Fryers

For pressure cooking, crisping, air frying, and slow cooking... these are the Ninja Foodi models you want. These are very versatile machines and can cook most types of veg, proteins and more.

Ovens and Roasters

If you're looking to roast protein, bake a cake, or even cook a pizza in the oven... these are the Ninja Foodis you're looking for. They'll do other things too, and they've often got large capacities.

Juicers and blenders

If you're making soups, smoothies, or juices then these are the Ninja Foodi appliances to get. They'll turn almost any solid food to liquid, and some will heat or cool while doing it.

Ninja Foodi cookware and books

Which Black Friday Ninja Foodi deal is right for you?

Ninja does a variety of Foodis for different home uses, and the type of cook you are will determine which model is right for you. They are quite expensive, and can take up a fair bit of room in the kitchen, so you need to work out which Foodi is right for you before you buy. There are sales on almost every type of Ninja product right now, so you'll likely save money regardless of what you buy.

Cooking for a full family

If you're looking to cook for a whole family, something like the Ninja Foodi indoor grill range is for you. It has the ability to cook most kinds of protein, and it'll do things like bake and air fry too, so you can prepare healthy fries and even desserts to go along with your meats. It does take up a large surface area in the kitchen, but is still ideal for almost all set-ups. While large home owners will already have built-in ovens and ranges for cooking meats, if you're in an apartment, something like the Ninja Foodi grill can be a versatile machine that broadens your cooking options. Most of the Foodi grills have baking and air frying built-in, so that covers a lot of options.

Quick cooking for busy couples or singles

If you're living alone or with a partner, and you want cooking to be as quick and easy as possible, then one of the multi-purpose machines is best for you. If you're keen on different types of cooking, go for an 8-in-1 or 9-in-1 deluxe model. If you just want basic functions for things like frying, rice cooking, and slow-cooking, then the more basic 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 models will be fine for you. Anyone looking to prep great, home-cooked meals around a busy life should get something with slow and pressure cooking as standard. You can just throw in a load of ingredients at the start of the day, switch it on, and have a lovely meal by the evening.

Healthy cooking and liquids

Ninja's Foodi range covers all kinds of juicers, blenders, and air fryers - all of which will help you eat healthier. Ninja's air fryers tend to use between 70-90% less oil than traditional fryers, so they can make delightfully healthy fried food. Most air fryers will also dehydrate too, so you can make healthy snacks like dried fruit. On the blender side, most of Ninja's range not only make smoothies and soups, but they'll also heat or cool whatever liquid is in there, so you can eat or drink it right away. Most are easy to clean too, with stainless steel finishes, so you won't be clearing up masses of mess later.

Best for bakers

There is a range of ovens from Ninja Foodi that will help you bake all kinds of cake or bread products. They'll also do some of the more traditional cooking like roasting and broiling too, so you'll only need a single device in your kitchen. Some of the larger Foodi models even have built-in pizza ovens, so you can make your own pizzas even if you live in a small apartment. They will also have functions for baking, bread-making, dehydrating, and more, ideal for most types of cake, pastry, or bread.

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