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One Reverse Mortgage review

A member of the Quicken Loans stable with a solid foundation in finance

Our Verdict

One Reverse Mortgage is a bright, well-designed platform that caters to people who want their reverse mortgage sorted, managed and done efficiently. It’s a relatively new arrival on the reverse mortgage block and has mixed customer reviews, but it does offer plenty of information and support.


  • Reliable customer service and support
  • Primarily digitized experience
  • Well-designed website and accessible loan options


  • Mixed customer reviews

If you're thinking of taking out a reverse mortgage, you'll be looking for all the information you can get, and we've done hours of research to bring you the guide to the best reverse mortgages out there. Keep reading for our review of One Reverse mortgage.

One Reverse Mortgage: What you need to know

One Reverse Mortgage is another subdivision of Quicken Loans and has been in the market since 2001. The company is one of the largest reverse mortgage brokers in the country and has a wide array of loans and services on offer. The fact that the company forms part of the Quicken Loan stable is also a benefit – you can use this as a foundation for other financial products and solutions. That said, the company has managed to get a reputation for being aggressive with its marketing which has put some people off and this has played a role in it getting some not very pleasant reviews.

One Reverse Mortgage: How does the reverse mortgage process work?

  • Plenty of information and support 
  • Clearly defined process with both digital and traditional options 
One Reverse: Key features

Application process: Online information kit, traditional and digital application tools
Interest rates: Fixed, variable
Fees: Origination fees, servicing fees, mortgage insurance premium, appraisal fees, escrow costs, title fees

One Reverse Mortgage offers four different types of reverse mortgage that include adjustable rate, fixed rate, for purchase, and a Home Equity Loan Optimizer (HELO). The latter is the One Reverse Mortgage flagship product that the company designed to provide home equity for people who don’t meet the eligibility criteria for a standard Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). HELO has higher lending limits and doesn’t ask that you provide a mortgage insurance premium, and it doesn’t restrict you on the type of property either. It’s a nice solution for those who have high value homes or that live in spaces that are excluded from the traditional FHA HECM solution.

You can go about applying for your reverse mortgage with One Reverse Mortgage in several different ways. You can click on the Free Info Kit button that will ask for your basic information and then provide you with the info kit while getting an advisor to contact you. The kit includes lots of extra information about how their process works and what you need to do to get started, and the advisor will call you to start the process. If you don’t want the kit or the call, you can simply contact them directly and start your application that way. Both are catered for on the One Reverse Mortgage system. 

One Reverse Mortgage:  How easy is it to use the system and find information?

  • Accessible, well-designed website 
  • Plenty of information and support 

From a comprehensive breakdown of the application process, fees and interest rates, to a very accessible reverse mortgage calculator, One Reverse Mortgage has made it very easy for you to use the system and find information. You can instantly locate a variety of resources that cover the basics of a reverse mortgage, the different loans on offer, the application process and the frequently asked questions, as well as up-to-date customer reviews and the reverse mortgage calculator. Everything is clearly labelled on every page so you won’t get frustrating trying to hunt down information.

The website is clean and simple. You will be hit by bright images of happy people from the moment you arrive. One Reverse Mortgage has put a lot of effort into making sure you can just get started without a fuss. What makes the company stand out as well, is the HELO reverse mortgage that really can make a difference for people who don’t have traditional lifestyles or homes. You can instantly find out more about the package from the landing page – it takes you to the calculator which will determine which type of loan will suit you. 

One Reverse Mortgage: Is it transparent, accessible and usable? 

  • Mixed customer reviews 
  • Transparent process, costs and systems 

One Reverse Mortgage is very transparent. The entire website is geared to give you information and help you make long-term decisions. They have provided you with a retirement tool that helps you figure out what you’d like to do with the money from your reverse mortgage, and provide a clear timeline of how the money can grow, how to invest and the best ways to take advantage of the system. It’s a nice touch that isn’t available on some competitor sites.

When it comes to customer reviews, however, One Reverse Mortgage doesn’t shine as brightly as AAG or ICG – competitors that have glowing reviews. Recent reviews complain of aggressive marketing and unhelpful support, older reviews praise the company for its support and seamless processes. On Consumer Affairs, the overall score from 18 ratings was just over 2.5 stars. This low score is reflected the Better Business Bureau where the reviews were also 2.5 stars. It is worth noting, however, that both sites had very few overall reviews so the average is dictated from within a very small pool of customers. 

One Reverse Mortgage: Verdict

One Reverse Mortgages may have mixed customer reviews, but it does have a good foundation and some impressive reverse mortgage solutions. Its HELO product really does elevate the company’s offering as it allows for people from different situations to benefit from what a reverse mortgage can offer. With its Quicken Loan foundation, it also means that you are not putting your future into the hands of a fly-by-night but rather a reliable company that has extensive market experience.