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Liberty Home Equity Solutions review

A trusted reverse mortgage provider that’s made an impact on the market since its debut in 2004

Our Verdict

Liberty Home Equity Solutions is one of the most widely praised reverse mortgage providers on the market today. The company has invested a lot of energy into ensuring that information is accessible and costs are visible. While the application process tends to take quite a long time, the rest of the experience is seamless and above board.


  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Good variety of products and services
  • Great customer reviews


  • Complex eligibility regulations
  • Busy and confusing flurry of information

In need of a reverse mortgage? You'll want the information we've collated for you over on our guide to the best reverse mortgages out there. But keep reading for our comprehensive review of Liberty Home Equity Solutions.

 Liberty Home Equity Solutions: What you need to know

Liberty Home Equity Solutions has been in business since 2005 and has, since then, funded more than $7 billion in loans. This sturdy track record, along with some great customer reviews, places it in the top tier of reverse mortgage service providers. The website is an old fashioned design – busy and packed with information that can make the experience a bit confusing. That said, the sheer volume of detail is very helpful as you navigate the different processes, fees and costs. 

Liberty Home Equity Solutions calls reverse mortgages by their ‘real’ name – Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM – so don’t get confused by the sudden surge of acronyms on the site. What stands out with this company, is the sheer detail they provide into their services. There's an entire Learning Center, then there are also customer stories, products, company information and an instant reverse mortgage calculator. Called, in this case, the HECM Eligibility Calculator.  You can also access two different types of HECM – standard or for purchase. With the latter, you can use the money from your existing mortgage to pay off another mortgage and this is useful if you want to expand your investments or downsize your existing home. 

Liberty Home Equity Solutions: How does the reverse mortgage process work?

  • Online calculator and application tool 
  • Plenty of information and support 
Liberty Home Equity Solutions: Key features

Application process: Downloadable information kit, traditional phone and mail application process
Interest rates: Fixed, variable
Fees: Closing costs, FHA upfront mortgage insurance premium, origination fee, title and closing settlement fees, appraisal, counseling fee, wire fee, flood certification and credit report 

The HECM Eligibility Calculator that rests helpfully on the landing page of Liberty Home Equity Solutions’ website takes you through a two-step process to find out about your eligibility and your home. The first part asks you to provide basic information, the second – and this is the good part – takes your actual address and details to work out your amount and property value. This is a great tool if you want to get a bit more information about your reverse mortgage options. You do, however, agree to have someone call you the moment you click the button. Useful if you want to proceed, frustrating if you don’t.

Like AAG, you can download a free eGuide that’s designed to help you figure out the HECM process, and you can instantly find out the fees and application regulations right from the landing page. It’s a refreshing approach when so many finance companies hide their fees in hard to reach spaces. The requirements to get a loan from Liberty Home Equity Solutions is quite rigorous compared to competitors so you may not be able to work with them. Visit their requirements page before you click on anything to avoid being disappointed. One last point is that actually applying for your HECM is not that obvious. Lots of information, not a lot of detail around what to do when you decide to start. Your best bet is to complete the calculator, speak with an advisor and take it from there. Expect the entire process to take around 1-2 months. 

Liberty Home Equity Solutions: How easy is it to use the system and find information

  • Information-rich website 
  • No online application process 

Liberty Home Equity Solutions isn’t designed for speed, it’s designed for efficiency. Right there, on the landing page you will find the calculator, the free eGuide, and links to articles that explain the process, the pros and cons, the fees and the eligibility requirements. Liberty Home Equity Solutions has made it as detailed as possible for anyone starting out with the reverse mortgage process to find what they need. While the website is wildly unappealing, you won’t find it hard to navigate and you will appreciate the directness of the information. Applying for the loan, as mentioned earlier, isn’t that easy. You’re going to need to fulfill some fairly stringent requirements before you’re even considered for one of their loans, and you then have to undergo a lengthy approvals and applications process, most of which takes place offline. 

Liberty Home Equity Solutions: Is it transparent, accessible and usable?

  • Rates, fees and overall costs easy to find 
  • Great customer reviews 

Liberty Home Equity Solutions offers a reliable and trusted platform for anyone investing into a HECM loan. The company has been around for long enough to have built quite a solid reputation and has facilitated more than $7 billion in loans – an impressive amount, as is the more than 60k borrowers who’ve walked through their proverbial doors. This is backed up by their reviews on Consumer Affairs which has nabbed them 4.5 stars out of 5 as an overall score over a year. The reviews are predominantly positive with customers praising the service, the process, and the support. 

In terms of transparency, every step of the process is made clear from the outset, as are the terms and conditions and costs. You won’t walk into this loan not understanding the fine print. 

Liberty Home Equity Solutions: Verdict

Liberty Home Equity Solutions is another platform that’s received impressive customer reviews from reliable sources such as Retirement Living and Consumer Affairs. The company has been Better Business Bureau accredited since 2005 and currently has an A+ rating with only two customer complaints. With a busy and feature-packed website, it’s as focused on providing people with relevant information and support as the American Advisors Group.