PicaJet Organizer review

PicaJet is a dated and rather stuffy photo organizer, but it is free, so can save you time and money.

PicaJet Organizer review
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While PicaJet is a reliable photo organizer, some of its features are simplistic. On top of that, it's looking very dated nowadays too.


  • +

    Simple organizing options

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    Free version available


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    Looks dated

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    Many others do it better

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PicaJet is software designed to help you sort your photos as easily as possible. It comes in two flavors: free and FX. The FX version costs $60, and includes most of the features you'd expect from a pure photo organizer, like tagging, albums, importing, exporting etc. The free version is a little more limited, and lacks things like the ability to create more than one album, and the ability to sort by categories. Most of the best photo organizer software packages do everything much better than PicaJet, but if you don't want to pay for your software, it's a viable option.

Assuming you buy the FX version, here's what you can expect. Using the Quick Start Wizard, you can learn how to sort your photos by category. You can organize photos by EXIF information, whether you categorize by date, file or image size, tag, caption or rating. You can also arrange how you sort your photos using that information.

While you can rate your photos with this software, you can also assign icons to your images. The icons already on the software include stars, circles, hearts, people and more. You can also import more icons if your photo collection requires more.

After you tag, sort and organize your photos, you can find them using the search function, which is exclusive to the paid FX version. With this feature, you can search for photos by date, imported date, location and rating. This function makes it easy to find your images in a short amount of time. The photo organizing app also has privacy settings you can use to protect or hide your photos.

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You can view the metadata of each of your photos, which is helpful when you are organizing your collection. The metadata includes information about your camera, copyright data, time, date, exposure, ISO speed and more. You can also edit some of this information, like the date the photo was taken.

The photo organizer software has several standard editing tools. You can zoom, rotate, adjust colors, crop and resize your photos. This program also has makeover tools like red eye removal. With five special effect filters, you can apply fun effects to your images. Probably the most time-saving tool, batch editing helps you apply the same edit to multiple photos at once. While these tools are all useful, the software lacks advanced editing capabilities such as a cloning tool, automatic edit options and makeover tools. While these tools are by no means necessary, they help you perfect your photos into what you wish they looked like to begin with.

After you organize and edit your photos, the software helps you post photos directly to sharing sites. With integrated plugins for Flickr and Fotki, you can post directly to both sites. You can also share your photos on web galleries, by email or via your cell phone's sharing options.

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If you need help, you can contact PicaJet by email, fax (!) or mail (!!!). If you prefer email, the website has a form for you to fill out to contact technical support. The company website also has a user forum you can use to find common problems and solutions.

Should you buy PicaJet?

Buy? Probably not. For the same money, something like AfterShot Pro 3 or Lightroom CC gives you far better tools for both organizing and editing, and they're more modern-looking too. If you want the free version, then it's probably worth downloading it just to try out. Expect to be regularly asked to upgrade, though, and accept that there will be some fundamental limits to how effectively you sort your images.

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