Lux GEO BL review

The LUX GEO smart thermostat doesn’t have a particularly modern design, but it performs well and is affordable.

Lux GEO BL review

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The LUX/GEO isn't as attractive as some of its rivals, but its overall performance and generous warranty make it a good choice. It’s also one of the least expensive ways to upgrade to a smart thermostat.


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    The LUX/GEO's three-year warranty is among the longest we've seen on a thermostat.


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    This thermostat took longer than average to install.

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The LUX GEO is not a bad choice, but it doesn’t have as many convenience and energy-saving features as other thermostats we tested. To discover other alternatives, head over to our round up of the best smart thermostats.

At $139, the LUX/GEO is more affordable than most smart thermostats, but it's simply not as capable as our pick for best value: the Emerson Sensi, which only costs $129.

You can program the geofencing radius using the app, which also lets you check the status of your thermostat at any time. If you leave the house for a few days, you don't have to program your thermostat before you go – the geofencing feature automatically switches the thermostat to Away mode when you leave and back to Home mode when you return.

This smart thermostat was relatively easy to install, although it requires a C wire. If your system doesn't have a C wire, the two AAA batteries included in the package can take its place and power the functions it normally does. It took longer than average to install the thermostat and connect it to our Wi-Fi network, but once it was working, it did an effective job regulating temperature.

To install the LUX/GEO, you mount the base plate on the wall and hook up the HVAC wires as the instructions direct. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically to fit the space available. After setup, you download the app and program your heating and cooling preferences. The app is straightforward and easy to use, with an interface that's more modern than the thermostat’s physical one, though it’s still rather basic.

While it’s more affordable than other thermostats we tested, the design seems old-fashioned, with its block-letter interface and oversize dial. Still, it performs well overall and can help you streamline your heating and air conditioning. Plus, as you adjust the temperature over time, it estimates how much you are saving on bills. The thermostat doesn’t integrate with most smart home systems, but it works with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The LUX/GEO has impressive support options. If you have questions about installing or using it, you can reach customer support via social media, phone, email, and live chat. Its solid three-year warranty is as good as the warranties of the best thermostats and gives you more than enough time to notice problems.

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