Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review

Could the Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager be the ultimate travel massager? Yes and no, and here's why...

Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

A simple and affordable way to ease your muscles after the gym or sitting at a desk all day, but it might be a little bit too much power for some.


  • +

    Rechargeable power

  • +

    Five different massage attachments


  • -

    Quite heavy and long

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The Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager comes with plenty of options to help you target troublesome areas, whether that’s around your shoulders, neck, back, joints, foot or limbs. With its slim ergonomic shape and rechargeable battery, it’s also convenient for you to tuck into your gym bag or take with you as you travel. It's also one of the best handheld massagers for vibration therapy at home.

While this isn’t the most expensive device, it certainly provides plenty of targeted power with five attachments providing tailored surfaces to deliver a deep percussive massage right into the muscle. It’s also great to use if you want to soothe away the aches and pains of sitting at a desk all day. 

If desk posture is something that's an issue for you, why not check out our best standing desks and best ergonomic office chairs too. In our Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review, we look at what the device has to offer in terms of design, features and power, and what existing customers say about it. 

Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review: Spec

  • Type: Body massager
  • Pulses per minute: 3,600RPM
  • Run time: 140 minutes
  • Dimensions: 15 x 3 x 4.5 inches 15 x 3 x 4.5
  • Weight: 1.8lbs
  • Power: 1 Lithium polymer battery (included)

Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review: Design

The Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager has an extra-long anti-slip silicone handle, which makes it easy to get to hard-to-reach areas such as the back and behind the legs. It’s easy to operate too, with the on/off button and five percussion modes  simple to  control at the press of a button.

To add to the convenience, this massaging device is rechargeable, with the built-in battery lasting for around 140 minutes. Charging is straightforward – simply place the Renpho in its holder and wait until the battery is topped up. The holder also provides a place to keep all the attachments in one place too.

Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review

(Image credit: Renpho)

With no lead to get in the way, the Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager is easy to maneuver, especially in harder to reach areas. The design is slick and lightweight, ideal if you need to use the massager on the go, or throughout the day around the home.

Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review: Features

The Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager has five different interchangeable massage ‘nodes’ to deliver a tailored massage technique to suit the part of your body. Included with the device is the ‘Round Head’ for general massage and ‘1-Point Head’ for focused trigger-point massage. 

Both of these are harder, ideal for deep-tissue massage and can break up knots and help speed up muscle recovery. These attachments are particularly good for the shoulder, back, lower back, and soles of feet.

Another attachment is the ‘3-Intensive Head’ for bigger area soft-contact massage. This is rubber-coated and is perfect for loosening tight and stiff muscles. Also rubber-coated is the ‘3-Point Head’ for a softer massage and less intense aches and pains. 

This attachment works well around the joints, vertebrae, shoulder blades, knees, and ankles. Finally, the plastic ‘Curved Head’ is best suited for limbs, with its specifically designed shape providing plenty of comfort.

Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review: Design

Renpho's rechargeable device is a percussion-style device with a motor that operates at a powerful 3,600 times per minute, so it certainly packs a punch! As such, after 20 minutes of use, the device will automatically stop to prevent the massager from overheating. While this is a good safety feature, it can be inconvenient if you want to work on several areas of your body after an intensive workout session for instance, and need a longer session with the device. 

When in action the Renpho is solid, with some users reporting that it could even be a little on the strong side. However, by tweaking the power of the percussion and making sure you have the correct attachment for the job, then this affordable massaging device certainly offers plenty for the money.

Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review

(Image credit: Renpho)

Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review: User reviews

Renpho’s own website features reviews from satisfied customers, with comments such as: “This works great! I really like the different massage head options… and [its length] so I can use it on the middle of my back. Really happy with this purchase. Would definitely recommend.” However, some comments mention the device was heavier than expected, and that the power was too strong. 

On Amazon there are nearly 42,000 reviews for the Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager, with 70% of those coming in at 5 out of 5 stars. Comments include, “This is heavy, however it does pack a punch! And I have found it very helpful for stiffness and sore muscles. The lowest power setting produces sufficient vibration and massage for most people.”

While the reviews were mostly positive, there were some mentions of the charge not holding for the advertised 140 minutes, although Renpho generally seemed quite good about addressing complaints and organizing replacements.

Should you buy the Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager?

For the price, you will have nothing to lose with this powerful massager. Not only is it fully rechargeable, it's versatile too thanks to a suite of different attachments designed to deliver a range of deep tissue massage therapies. 

However, if you’re looking for something more gentle, the Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager review isn't suitable for you as it packs a hefty percussive punch. But, if you want something that can take on the aches and pains of a full-body gym workout or full-time working from home, then this could be the perfect device for you.

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