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Enhancv has one of the more attractive resume writing interfaces we saw during our testing, and that design quality carries over to it resume and cover letter templates – they were refreshing an

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Enhancv needs to add a few more features before it can really compete with the best resume building programs.


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    It has a very attractive interface.


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    There are few customization options.

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Enhancv has one of the more attractive resume writing interfaces we saw during our testing, and that design quality carries over to it resume and cover letter templates – they were refreshing and up-to-date compared to those we saw in some of the other programs we tested. With a few more features, Enhancv could be a great place to create your next resume. However, its failings in couple of key areas, including customization options, make it a less-than-ideal tool for putting together a resume.

Many of the programs we used feature a wizard tool that helps you fill out your resume – you answer form questions, and the program automatically generates a resume in your selected template. When you open Enhancv, it asks a few basic questions. However, after that, you type general information directly into the document preview.

Programs with wizards, like ResumeMaker Professional 20 and Zety, tend to provide a bit more information and guidance about what you should include on your resume. They also break up the process so it’s not overwhelming and can automatically save some information to use the next time you create a resume. 

Enhancv also doesn’t include examples and suggestions of phrases to include in your resume. As such, it takes more effort to build your resume with this program than other software we reviewed. 

This software also has fewer design customization options than other programs. For example, you have only 12 colors and nine fonts to choose from, though there are 12 attractive watermarks. Also, you can’t customize the document’s spacing or paragraphs. This is because Enhancv uses a drag-and-drop system. While it makes it easy to build a resume, it would nice to have more flexibility in the creation process. 

One of Enhancv’s standout features is its “analyze content” tool, which audits your resume before you can make it public. It walks you through a short edit, checks for spelling errors and makes sure you’ve filled out all the required spaces. While programs like ResumeMaker have more sophisticated analysis tools, Enhancv’s audit is still useful.

When you finish your resume, you can download it as a PDF.  Unfortunately, Enhancv doesn’t connect to social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook – something programs like CakeResume do. However, as with most web-based builders, you can share your resume by creating a link. 

Just like Novorésumé, Enhancv doesn’t offer multiple plans with tiered feature sets. Instead, you pay a lower rate when you pay upfront for several months of service. You can choose the $19.99 rate for a single month, $14.99 per month rate for three months or $10.99 per month rate for six months. 

Enhancv is one of the better-looking web-based resume building programs we encountered. With the inclusion of a few more features, specifically customization tools, we could see Enhancv becoming one of the best programs available for resume creation.

Jessica Richards

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