Resume Maker Professional Ultimate Review

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it  has been replaced by another product.

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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it  has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Get your phone ringing and land interviews with your top choice companies with the help of Resume Maker Professional Ultimate. It has all the tools you need to compose a unique and effective resume.

With Resume Maker Professional Ultimate you can not only compose job specific resumes but also practice your interview skills, obtain salary ranges, search jobs and manage contacts.

ResumeMaker takes the stress out of creating resumes and makes it easy to satisfy company file format demands; with this resume writing software you can easily save and export your resume or cover letter in a Word, text or PDF file or as HTML.

This program is all inclusive and can help you with every step of your career search. If you already have a resume you can easily import it into the program or you can create one with their resume creator. To help you get ideas on presenting your talents and designing your resume, they offer over 1,200 sample resumes and 150,000 recommended phrases.

ResumeMaker's main interface has three options, "Resume & Letters," "Interview & Salary" and "Job Search Tools." Each of these sections offers numerous tools such as a resume caster, 500 sample interview questions, salary reports per geographic location and a portfolio creator.

Resume Maker Professional Ultimate is easy to install and simple to use. We really did not incur any troubles with this program and if the program thinks you may have left information out on accident, it will ask you if that was intentional.

We really liked this program and although it does not have a fit to one page option, it does have a tool that allows you to shorten by one page. In addition, many ResumeMaker products that use Word type fonts claim to have 155 font styles, but we counted 96 in Resume Maker Professional Ultimate and 12 TrueType fonts, which is more than enough to create an attractive resume.

The resume editor has most of the tools you are used to seeing in a word processor and more; for example, you can easily change the style of your resume or insert power words or recommended phrases. You can also add headers and footers or export or email your finished resume. You can also intermix styles; for instance, you can choose one style for your contact information and another for the content of your resume.

With this program you do not have to worry about creating a stale or redundant sounding resume because it offers numerous word choices to replace overused phrases. In addition, if you have limited writing skills, you can still create a powerful resume by using their resume phrases. With these phrases you simply select the one that works for you and fill in the blanks.

Individual Software can be contact by telephone or email. In our experiences, our emails were answered within a day. They also post FAQs and updates online.

The tools included in this resume writing software can save you time and streamline the complicated process of submitting numerous resumes in a variety of formats. It also removes the stress that many people feel when they are confronted with a blank page that is to be their perfect resume.

Resume Maker Professional Ultimate is a great product that will more than pay for itself by helping you land your dream job.

Jessica Richards

Jessica Richards is a former writer for Top Ten Reviews. She graduated with a master’s degree in English from Weber State University, where she now teaches. You'll find her bylines across a number of articles concerning software, especially when it comes to typing software. She has also written about grammar checker software packages too.