English Live is an online English learning program that helps its users quickly and easily learn the English language. You can use this ESL application 24/7 from any internet connection. This program offers private classes, group conversations and lessons that are not only designed to improve listening skills, but also reading, writing and speaking skills.

English Live starts out with a placement test. You also specify how much time you wish to invest to study and how much you want to achieve with this application. Then, based on the test results and responses, this learning English program provides a study plan.

One of the advantages to English Live is its many teaching options that aren't available on many similar ESL programs. For example, you can work with a private teacher via a live video lesson. The lesson focuses on the software's recent lessons. English Live has more than 2,000 English teachers available in locations around the world, making it easy for you to find a teacher no matter your time zone or the time of day you wish to study.

In addition, the software offers group conversation classes. In these classes, a teacher leads an English conversation on a variety of topics. There are a handful of students in each of these classes, which are available every 30 minutes. The lessons in the software are video-based. They teach listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

Each level of this English learning program teaches many language skills. For example, the first several lessons teach basic communication in English such as introducing yourself, spelling, describing family members and counting. In the later levels, you learn to converse on more complex topics such as your job, shopping, clothing, food and directions.

Telephone and email support options are available for this ESL application should you run into any issues. There is also a FAQs section that may address some of the questions you have.

English Live is one of the most interactive ways to learn the English language. You get personalized help, which is rare for these applications. It also offers a host of videos, English exercises and customer service options to help anyone learn English effectively.

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