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Best online tutoring services 2021

Best online tutoring services
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It’s not easy being a high-school student in 2021, and the last thing you want is to lag behind in your studies. The best online tutoring services will not only help your kids if they start to fall behind, but can also plug gaps in their education in the event they have to be kept at home due to the pandemic.

These services aren’t purely aimed at young academics, of course. You can receive tutoring up to postgraduate level, and specific training for a number of careers. Not everyone learns in the same way, so the best online tutoring services are flexible, and allow you to approach them in the way you feel most comfortable with. 

The formal classroom is not always the best way to learn, often full of too many distractions for some students, so being able to learn at their own pace at home can be valuable. Whether it’s help with homework or supplemental courses to increase your grasp of a subject, there’s something here for anyone who needs, or just wants, it.

Some services charge per lesson, per minute, per hour, or per month, and some offer personalized pricing - it’s always worth contacting the provider to see if you or your children qualify for a discount.

Alternatively, why not look at the best online grammar checkers? Or the best typing software for kids? These can improve typing fluency, and cut down on errors, saving time when typing out those important assignments. 

1. Chegg Tutors: Best online tutoring service overall

Chegg Tutors

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Chegg Tutors

An online tutoring service with plenty of tools


Grades: All levels, including elementary school, and post graduate and career training programs | Price: Starting at $6.95/lesson | Subjects: Everything from reading and algebra to engineering and nursing | Programs: Lessons, tutoring, test prep, and more | Times available: Tutors available 24/7

Reasons to Buy

Knowledgeable tutors
Wide selection of easy-to-use learning tools
Tutor availability 24/7

Reasons to Avoid

Not great for long-term, in-depth tutoring
Very open-ended program

For quick help, students can turn to Chegg Tutors. It’s particularly helpful when you’re stuck on the material or you can’t complete your assignment without an explanation of the material. It’s one of the best online tutoring services thanks to its flexible payment plans and the ability for tutors to respond quickly, if not immediately. Best for college students, it’s the online tutoring website pick of Sallie Mae, which offers a college tutoring package with its student loans. If needed, you can get more in-depth instruction from a tutor by scheduling regular sessions. There’s little limit with what you can accomplish with Chegg Tutors, so there’s no harm in giving it a try. Between the online tools, resources, and quality 24/7 tutoring, we think you should. 

2. Skooli: Best for math


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A great tutoring service for student struggling in math


Grades: Elementary, Middle School and High School, College | Price: $0.82 per minute, 15 minute minimum per session | Subjects: rimarily math, although other subjects are serviced | Programs: Tutoring, test prep, and more | Times available: Tutors available 24/7

Reasons to Buy

Highly specialized in math tutoring
Simple and transparent pay-per-minute plan
Feedback loop between tutor and student

Reasons to Avoid

Limited learning tools
No tutors or subjects beyond college level

Generally, students need the most help from tutors in math topics. While Skooli has tutors for most subjects, we highly recommend that you choose Skooli for your math tutoring needs. Just by seeing the breakdown of topics, we were able to conclude that Skooli is the best option for students who need help in math. But that’s not the only reason why Skooli is worth looking into. It’s transparent pay-per-minute payment structure is perfect for students who don’t want to commit to a subscription and part with a large sum of money, due in one lump sum. Use Skooli as little or as much as you need it, and if you need more in-depth help from a tutor, that’s available, too. You’ll get feedback from your tutor and can improve on your math skills in and outside the classroom. Plus, with no tiers of service, you know you’re getting a great value for price. 

3. Wyzant: Best for regular, in-depth sessions

Wyzant review

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Traditional tutoring, but online


Grades: Elementary through grad school | Price: Hourly rate set by tutor, some with group rates available | Subjects: 300 + subjects including math, writing, and SAT prep | Programs: Tutoring, test prep | Times availalbe: Dependent on the tutor

Reasons to Buy

Traditional pricing structure with group rates available
Detailed and personalized tutor profiles
In-person option, but limited

Reasons to Avoid

Can get expensive over time
Students claim mixed results

If you’re looking for a more traditional tutoring experience but online, Wyzant is the choice for you. There is very little that is as effective as regular one-on-one tutoring with an experienced tutor, and that’s what Wyzant has to offer. Wyzant works like a marketplace of tutors: these teachers advertise their credentials, knowledge, and experience, and earn clients this way. As a parent, you can browse profiles to find a tutor who will best meet the needs of your student and whose personality matches with them the best. ‘

Because Wyzant has a more traditional tutoring structure, it also has a more traditional payment system. What you pay is dependent on the tutor, and you’ll be paying by the hour. The good news is that if you have more than one student at the same grade level who needs help, some tutors will offer group rates. Wyzant is best for staying in control of your student’s learning outside the classroom. 

4. Best for special needs students review

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Focusing on students with learning difficulties


Grades: Ages 4 through 65, regardless of grade | Price: Starting at $25 per session, rates personalized at the time of consultation | Subjects: ost subjects, with the exception of foreign languages | Programs: Homework help, supplemental learning tutoring, homeschooling help | Times available: Tutors work with clients’ schedules

Reasons to Buy

Programs tailored to special needs students
Each tutor has a degree in Special Education
Free consultation

Reasons to Avoid

Cost not disclosed until consultation
Foreign languages not included

Not every student is given the same opportunity to learn, and not every student learns the same way. Some have different learning abilities and challenges that can make them fall behind in a classroom where they are not given the best opportunities and individualized attention. Special education hopes to change that, but with a burdened school system, even students with no diagnosed learning disabilities are falling behind. The parents of these students, whether special needs with an IEP or those who are experiencing an increasing amount of difficulty, should look into the services that can provide. You can’t browse tutor profiles or know for sure if the subject your child is experiencing difficulty in will be covered, but that’s where you can benefit from a free consultation. Every tutor has a degree in Special Education and can follow your student’s IEP, so you can be confident that the service is worth your time and money. 

5. Club Z!: Best for kids

Club Z! review

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Club Z!

Online tutoring with an in-person option


Grades: Pre-K through undergraduate | Price: Starting at $57.75 per hour for 1 hour; discounted rate for hourly packages | Subjects: English, math, science, and more | Programs: Tutoring, study skills tutoring, test prep | Times available: Availability dependent on tutor

Reasons to Buy

Has online tutoring, online classes, after-school programs, and in-home tutoring
Good reputation, especially for tutoring for kids

Reasons to Avoid

Needs increased attention to online tutoring service

Exploring the idea of online tutoring, but not sure if it’s the right fit for your student? Turn to Club Z! The service’s flexible programs - with in-home, online, and franchise-based options - can help your student learn outside the classroom. The online tutoring option mimics the in-person tutoring offered by Club Z!, making it a popular and attractive choice for busy parents. Plus, it has a fantastic reputation and is well-known across the country. Though this can be expensive, we recommend that parents look at Club Z! simply for its patient and qualified tutors keen on helping students succeed. 

6. Best for high school students review

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Backed by The Princeton Review


Grades: K through 12 | Price: Subscriptions starting at $39.99 per hour per month, One-time purchases starting at $349.99 for 10 hours over 6 months | Subjects: 40+ subjects including english, math, science, and more | Programs: Tutoring, test prep | Times available: Availability dependent on tutor

Reasons to Buy

Free tutoring for students in military families
Backed by the Princeton Review

Reasons to Avoid

Mixed results with tutors
Unused time expires at the end of your billing cycle
Confusing website and offers

Backed by The Princeton Review, the go-to source for students planning for higher education, is a good choice for high school students. It has all the subjects high school students could potentially need help in, and right there on the website, you can get help with test prep. While won’t necessarily be everyone’s top choice, it should be for students in military families or students whose parents are offered tutoring packages through other institutions. For students who have a parent in the military, online tutoring through is free, so it’s a no-brainer option. Other students who will be paying full price for the service may see a hefty cost, but will benefit from a very generous money back guarantee, known on the site as the Good Grades guarantee, even though it’s relatively restrictive. 

Why trust us for Online Tutoring

We realize the experience you have with online tutoring comes down to the effectiveness of the individual tutor that you’re working with. But because we can’t find the single most amazing tutor online from thousands of online profiles, the best that we can do is evaluate the platforms that host them. We compared pricing and payment plans to find you the best deal on tutoring services. We’ve also made sure the services we recommend offer support and are easy to contact if you encounter any problems.  

How we tested

To find the best tutoring services, I began by researching online forums looking for services that treat students and tutors fairly, and I perused dozens of sites to get acquainted with the best tutoring software available on the web. After creating a login, profile, and account at each site, I read through the application processes for tutors to find out the requirements for each site.

I scheduled online sessions using the software and met with tutors online to discuss their experience with the programs. I browsed tutoring profiles and checked privacy and safety features, and I also read the honesty and academic learning policies each site has in place to encourage real improvement in students’ performance. Because academic institutions take dishonesty very seriously, it was important to ensure these sites have an ethical code that prevents tutors from doing the work for students.

Choosing an Online Tutoring service

We think the best sites are those that hire their tutors based on their credentials, like Skooli or MindLaunch. You’ll want to find someone with teaching and tutoring experience before entering a session. You’ll also want to check out the safety and privacy policy of the tutoring service in order to protect both you and your students and to manage your payment options securely.  It’s also worth it to check to see if the site you’re using has a guarantee that protects you from having to pay for a bad first session with a tutor.

There’s a lot of technology that makes sharing information easier than ever. That said, even the most cutting-edge tutoring suites require some patience and know-how to use. Make sure you use the free trials and the demo learning suite tools to make the most of your experience before signing up for a certain number of minutes or entering into a payment plan.   

If you’re looking for help with a problem immediately, you’ll want to use the drop-in tutoring features of Chegg and TutorMe, another peer-to-peer tutoring service. These sites’ employment standards aren’t as high as others, but if you’re in a time crunch or low on funds, these are good go-tos. If you have a bit more time or need more involved help, you can schedule ahead with someone who has more teaching experience on sites like Skooli, or Mindlaunch, another site that requires teaching credentials before hiring.

You’ll want to watch for payment plans that require you to pay a lot upfront. Though pay-as-you-go plans tend to be a bit more expensive than purchasing a package of hours, it might be worth it to use this option to make sure you’re happy with the service and your tutor.