Pros / Tell Me More English offers all the interactive features, tools and ample instruction hours you could want to help you learn English.

Cons / This ESL application is not available for the Apple operating system and lacks virtual flashcards.

 Verdict / Whether you're a beginner in English or trying to polish your skills, Tell Me More English is a great product to help you learn the language.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Tell Me More English offers comprehensive features and levels to help you learn English as a beginner, or to improve your skills in complex English grammar, vocabulary and language. It's the best ESL application because it offers an arsenal of fundamental tools to guide you through learning English in an interactive, comfortable and easy-to-master fashion.

This ESL software teaches English at your pace in a multimedia format.

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Tell Me More intertwines the fundamentals of English to create a strong teaching system. This ESL software offers all of the fundamentals we looked for in our evaluation, including listening comprehension, speech recognition, conversation practice, grammar and cultural aspects. It offers ample instruction hours to help you master English. You can begin your English exercises by taking a test to determine your level of English competence, or choose from one of 10 levels to start.

This application lets you view videos and answer questions based on the videos. You listen to multiple correct answers to questions, and then choose the one you want. You can watch videos with the spoken dialogue displayed as text while you watch, or with the text hidden. Either way, you then answer questions based on the video.

You can access grammar, vocabulary and phonetics explanations as well as a glossary to view vocabulary lists or consult the translation of a word. This application conjugates verbs in all tenses and moods and offers an atlas with physical, political, historical and economic maps. There's also a section to teach you about the culture of English.

There are fill-in-the blank sentences with one of five multiple-choice answers, such as "I have been working at the post office BLANK five years." Answer choices include "on and off," "in," "for," "since" and "at." The correct answer is "for."

There's a component of the software to practice your writing by describing a photo in a minimum of 40 words. Click the Show Solution button to have the application provide text to describe the photo so that you can compare it to your writing.


Content in Tell Me More English is organized into lessons. You right-click on a word to access a host of information. You can hear it pronounced, practice pronouncing it, see its conjugation and translation, or access grammar explanations.

This ESL application shows your recorded pronunciation as a sound wave on the screen, and you compare it to a sound-wave representation of the ideal pronunciation. This is a great tool because it lets you record and listen to your pronunciation and see the corresponding sound wave to compare it to a sound wave of the ideal pronunciation.

In the Training tab, you can choose the guided mode, which is structured around lessons in the program, or you can choose a level from one to 10. Level one is Complete Beginner and level 10 is Expert. You also can track your progress and find your level on an international basis.

Tell Me More English offers additional instruction through a pop-up window on word types, such as compound nouns, article usage and a host of other English rules and usages. One exercise calls for determining sentences from a list of scrambled words. Another has you guess mystery phrases in seven guesses, with only one clue. You also may fill in the word blanks in sentences or sort lists of words into appropriate categories, such as clothing, economy and trade, transportation and the telephone.

This ESL application offers every tool we looked for except two. It does not provide a book for further teaching and does not offer flash cards in its learning games.

Usability & Languages

Tell Me More English scored a solid 89 percent in ease of use. It offers a modern interface with a fair amount of interactivity and a number of tools to help you learn and practice English. You can use this ESL software right out of the box with very little time spent reading instructions. It offers the second-highest amount of instruction languages of the products on our lineup. You can learn English through instruction in Spanish, Italian, German or French, as well as in English.

Help & Support

This ESL software offers a full complement of customer and technical support. In addition to FAQs to answer questions, you can reach representatives by email, telephone and live chat. English-speaking tech support is offered from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. General customer support is offered from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. Representatives are knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions.


This ESL application is modern and comprehensive. It offers a plethora of instruction and English exercises in different modes and methods. Many components of the text and features in the application are interactive. Whether you're a beginner in English or trying to polish your skills, Tell Me More English is a great product to help you learn English.

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