Transparent Language is designed to help anyone learn English quickly. This is an online learning English application, so you don't have to worry about long downloads or losing CDs. It lets students set their own pace and learning methods; you don't have to follow a limited and structured plan, like some other applications require.

Transparent Language teaches English through units of lessons. The lessons consist of several learning activities for vocabulary, pronunciation and other language skills. Some units end with assessments. If you pass the assessment, the entire unit is marked as complete and you move on. This is a good system for incremental learning.

However, one of the benefits of this program is you don't have to follow the exact lesson plans. You can use these as a starting point or go ahead and create your own plans, learning the things that are of interest to you. If there is a lesson where you already know the contents taught or just don't want to complete it, you can mark it as complete so you don't waste time starting it again.

There are also numerous activities to help students better learn and understand words. These activities involve reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are also activities such as unscrambling sentences, matching and filling in the blank, and multiple-choice questions to aid in the learning process.

This ESL application gives you tools to learn about English as well as grammar tips and explanations. Transparent Language also connects you to English learning communities on Facebook and Twitter, and it offers a multiple-choice proficiency test to gauge the grasp on the language the user already has.

This learning English online program offers several customer support options. The FAQs page answers common questions, and representatives from the company are available via email or telephone. This service doesn't have live chat support, though.

Transparent Language offers a full slate of fundamental features. It follows an incremental learning path and provides plenty of activities to keep learners busy. It has tools that are crucial to personalized learning and assessment to teach English in a quick, focused manner.

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