WordSmart's focus is to improve your vocabulary. Unlike typical ESL software, it is not structured so that you can learn English or English grammar with it. However, it can help you improve your English skills by enhancing your vocabulary, word choice and usage. After all, a large part of learning English is learning to use English words.

WordSmart consists of five learning modes and English exercises. The main one is Multiple Choice With Audio Discussion. Other components – Flashcards, Column Matching, Spelling Bee and Word Shark – reinforce the Multiple Choice With Audio Discussion lessons. One of the best features of this ESL software is Audio Discussion. It teaches antonyms, synonyms and derivations of words.

WordSmart provides more than 200 words with spoken explanations and more than 5,000 pronounced words. With so many words, you'll drastically increase your vocabulary if you complete the program. This software's reading program helps you not only read better in English but comprehend and understand the English language much better as well. WordSmart helps you with spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation. You can listen to a native speaker say each of the words to help you pronounce them.

With WordSmart, you can create a personalized learning path, and it tracks the progress of multiple users. For immersion purposes, all its instruction is in English. If you don't know the vocabulary words, it may be helpful to have your own translation dictionary in your native language.

The application is easy to use and navigate. If you have questions, you can refer to the user manual and tutorial. For further assistance, you can contact technical support by email or telephone. There is no live chat support, but there is a very small FAQs page on the company website that can provide some answers.

WordSmart is not a traditional ESL application. It focuses primarily on enhancing your vocabulary through word exercises and games. It lacks videos in the core instruction like you will find in other English learning software. This application does not offer a tool to practice conversation either, and the instruction is only in English. However, WordSmart is a strong application to improve your vocabulary.

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