Vocabulary Fitness is vocabulary software intended to teach basic words to young students or those learning English as a second language (ESL). Most of the words are commonly confused ones, such as "accept/except" and "proceeds/precedes." Vocabulary Fitness can help you become a better writer and speaker, since you can learn how to avoid common mistakes. However, this vocabulary builder doesn't teach advanced vocabulary words. With only 156 words, it has quite a small vocabulary database, so it doesn't expand your vocabulary as much as other software.

This vocabulary software has four different sections: Tryout, Warmup, Workout and Finals. You can also select a graphic theme for each of these sections. The interface for Vocabulary Fitness is quite outdated, with graphics and sound effects like those from the 1990s.

The list of commonly confused words you see in the software allows you to choose the one you want to work on until you fully grasp how and when to use it. This can be very helpful if you don't know the difference between "dual" and "duel" or "principal" and "principle." Choosing a specific lesson helps you focus on one problem area until you feel comfortable with it.

To help you practice, Vocabulary Fitness presents a sentence with two words underlined. You then have to choose which one of the words is used incorrectly, or you can choose "no error" if the sentence uses the underlined words correctly. However, 9 out of 10 times, the key words are wrong, so it's pretty easy to guess the answer if you don't know it. It's a very repetitive process, which will be effective for some people, but it could bore others who have a different learning style.

The Merit Text Talker feature is very primitive. It reads the words out loud, but it employs a simple text-to-speech application. This vocabulary software doesn't show phonetic pronunciations, which would be helpful for ESL students and on words with tricky spellings. It doesn't display word derivations, origins or antonyms either. These features, available with other vocabulary learning software like Vocab1,  would help you improve your vocabulary by teaching you more about the differences between the words and how they are used.

The manufacturer offers some good customer service options. You can contact the company via phone or a contact form on its website, and a representative will respond to you through your email. If you are a teacher who is using this software for your class, you can get special rates for multiple users.

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