Pros / StyleWriter 4 provides an impressively in-depth analysis of your text with customizable options.

Cons / It’s an English program with no translation capabilities.

 Verdict / With its unique analytical capabilities, StyleWriter is a program that will catch errors in your text that other programs might miss.

StyleWriter 4 is writing enhancement software that provides a thorough analysis of your written text. You simply open the program in a Word document and it goes to work checking for all types of style issues.

With StyleWriter, you can customize what you want the program to check for. StyleWriter draws on a large database of style checkpoints that you can select from the Style Category screen. If you are looking for something specific, like passive verbs or clichés, you can turn off everything else and isolate those issues. You can also check for all types of English style, word usage and spelling.

StyleWriter focuses exclusively on English usage issues and doesn’t delve into any other languages. In addition to the U.K. edition, it comes in U.S.A. and Australia versions to account for spelling and usage differences in each country.

This grammar checker takes your writing improvements and puts them into a point system. StyleWriter provides advanced writing statistics that measure how well you performed in areas such as clarity, sentence length and passive voice. For example, you can get extra points for keeping sentences under 20 words. The software also helps you determine your target audience and takes that into account when assessing your score, since readability varies according to the audience you’re addressing.

Another unique feature in the program is smart-spell technology, which catches contextual spelling errors that might be missed by a more conventional program. This program is designed to function like a human editor. It performs proofreading and advises you how to modify your writing style according to the determined target audience. While there is no way for a software program to perform with the same precision as a human editor, this program does as good a job as you can expect from a virtual one.

The headquarters for Editor Software, the parent company of StyleWriter, is in the United Kingdom. You can call customer service with questions, but you’ll have to call during U.K. business hours. The easiest way to contact the company if you’re located in the United States is via email. StyleWriter doesn’t guarantee a response within 24 hours, but according to the website, that is the company's goal.

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  • Minimum Required Memory
  • Minimum Processor Speed
  1. How much RAM is needed to run the software.
  2. 5  StyleWriter
  3. 1024.0 MB
  4. 1024.0 MB
  5. 128.0 MB
  6. Category Average
    412.44 MB


StyleWriter 4 attempts to function like a human editor, picking up on subtle errors in your text. It incorporates smart-spell technology to catch subtle spelling errors that might be missed by a more conventional program. This program doesn’t have translations services, but specializes in all styles of English. Overall, this is a unique program that has some great features and capabilities to improve your writing.

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