Pros / You can use 3D character templates or create your own characters with this software.

Cons / This program doesn't allow you to import artwork from other programs.

 Verdict / Impressive 3D anime is simple to create using Poser Pro comic maker.

Poser Pro 11 is different from the other comic book software we tested because it is designed specifically for 3D anime creation, though you can also use it to create manga and traditional comics. Everything you create will need to be from within the program, since you can't import artwork from other programs. This software is surprisingly easy to use compared to other 3D software, but it might take a while for novices to feel comfortable with it. Poser Pro 11 is expensive, but considering all the tools it gives you, it might be worth it if you’re serious about creating 3D comics.

Poser Pro has hundreds of 3D character templates to choose from. It lets you change hairstyles, facial expressions and clothing, giving you thousands of different characters to ultimately use in your graphic novel. These characters are not two-dimensional statues, but 3D images that you can pose to fit the mood of your comic book. They are not limited to human characters either; there are also animals, insects, vehicles, robots and many more. If you'd prefer to work with 2D characters on an intermediate or professional level, you might want to consider Clip Studio Paint EX.

Poser Pro lacks some of the illustration tools found in the best comic book software, such as pattern brushes and the ability to custom design brushes. However, it does have pencils, markers, airbrushes and shading tools. It also includes speed and focus lines as well as freeform shapes. The characters have joints and rigging capabilities so you can position them just the way you imagine. When you are done getting your figures in the poses and locations that you want, you can apply filters over your images to give them a comic-book-style look. Since Poser Pro, like most other comic software, focuses heavily on illustration, it doesn't have any scripting tools to automatically create content from a set of programmed instructions.

This anime software is compatible with pen tablets, so creating flawless 3D anime is easier. The program has layers that you can edit individually or as part of the whole image. It also has interactive mirroring so you can create perfect replicas of each of your characters. When you are finished creating your anime images, Poser Pro lets you upload your designs to Facebook, and you can save and export images in your choice of three formats: BMP, JPEG and TIFF.

One of the special effects included with this program is the ability to animate your characters. You can upload audio files and synchronize them with your animations to give your characters a voice, or play them over comic book strips and create a narrator.

Poser Pro is a Smith Micro program. This means you get some good customer support options. While the help section of the anime software can answer most of your questions, you can get personalized help through email and telephone support. Smith Micro also has live chat available through its website.

Whether you have a Windows or Mac system, this program will be compatible. You need internet access to download the software from Smith Micro's website and if you want to use the Facebook upload feature. However, you can purchase Poser Pro as a DVD-ROM if you want a hard copy.

Poser Pro is a great choice for creating your own comic or anime. The unique illustration tools and special features help you not only design amazingly detailed 3D anime, but also bring them to life with animation and audio. Some illustration tools and integrated email features are missing in this comic software, but it has enough to keep you busy and let you design amazing anime and comic books.

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    94.22 %
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