Pros / It recognized every camera raw format in our testing.

Cons / The recovery rates for the reformatted drive test were extremely low for every file type except JPG.

 Verdict / GetData Recover My Photos is great at recovering images if you accidentally deleted your photos, but it’s not good at recovering images from a reformatted drive.

GetData has scaled down its digital image recovery software with Recover My Photos. With this photo recovery software, you can expect a high success rate with recovering lost files, but not if you’re recovering photos from a reformatted drive. This is one of the only products in our comparison that recognized all the raw photo formats we tested, which makes it good for serious photographers looking to recover photos from DSLR cameras.

To evaluate GetData’s Recover My Photos, we simulated two common data loss scenarios: lost files through accidental deletion, and a reformatted rive. In both tests, which we performed on an HDD, SSD and SD card, we tried to recover raster, vector, production and raw images. While GetData posted high recovery rates for each file type during the lost file test, it didn’t do a great job recovering files from reformatted drives.

In the lost file test, Recover My Photos rescued 100 percent of the JPG images, which is critically important because most photos are JPGs. The recovery rate for the other raster images (TIG, GIF, BMP and PNG) was 84 percent. This is 14 percentage points above average. It recovered 90 percent of the vector images, which was the highest vector recovery rate in our tests. It also retrieved production images and camera raw images at a rate of 83 percent and 82 percent, respectively. Both of these rates are among the best we found. Overall, it’s one of the best photo recovery software apps for recovering all types of photos in a lost file scenario.

Unfortunately, the high recovery rates didn’t carry over to the reformatted drive tests. Though it succeeded where it counts most – recovering 100 percent of the JPGs – it only recovered 13 percent of the other raster images. It completely failed to recover any vector or production images, and it only rescued 3 percent of raw images. If you’re trying to recover images from a reformatted drive or memory card, you’re better off with different picture recovery software, like Disk Doctors.

GetData Recover My Photos is only one of two image recovery programs we tested that recognized every raw image we threw at it. Each raw format is unique to the brand of camera. As such, these are far less common formats, and the uncompressed nature of camera raw images makes them difficult for many products to recognize. The fact that Recover My Photos recognized every format and successfully recovered a high percentage during the lost file test means that it’s the best photo recovery software for serious photographers.

GetData Recover My Photos is one of the best photo recovery software products available for data loss in a lost file scenario, having posted high recovery rates for every file type. It even recognized every camera raw format in our data set. However, it didn’t fare so well in the reformatted drive tests, recovering only JPGs at a high rate.

  • Average Scan Speed
  • Average Recover Speed
  1. The higher numbers equal a faster speed.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 3  GetData
    44.0 GB
  3. 209.0 GB
  4. 17.0 GB
  5. Category Average
    120.2 GB
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