Pros / InAlbum features more than 300 templates for backgrounds and themes.

Cons / This slideshow software lacks photo editing tools.

 Verdict / This application is basic enough that beginners will enjoy the tools it offers, but it doesn't have many of the photo editing features that higher-ranked programs offer.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

InAlbum is photo slideshow software that is straightforward and fairly basic. This application gives you plenty of input and output options and tools to upload music, add clip art and include video clips in your slideshow. This basic slideshow maker has a handful of features, but they are not as advanced as those that several of the higher-ranked products offer.

InAlbum can help beginners learn to make slideshows. This slideshow creator walks you through several menus when you first begin the creation process. These menus help you import photos, change the template, add clip art and even upload audio tracks. While this program offers decent learning tools, it isn't as intuitive as some of the other programs. If you're wanting a program that is easy to immediately use, you might want to consider PhotoStage Slideshow.

One of the advantages to using InAlbum slideshow software is its large selection of templates. It features more than 300 background templates, and there are 50 transition effects you can add, which gives your slideshows a little variety and entertainment. However, you can add only 1,100 images to each slideshow. This is still an extensive number of images that make for a long show; however, this is the only photo slideshow creator on our lineup that limits the number of images.

The embellishments this software offers are designed to give your presentations an artistic and custom feel. Some of the embellishments include clip art, speech bubbles and sounds. However, the embellishment selection is limited. Another drawback is that there are no photo-editing capabilities beyond basic cropping.

With this software, you can send slideshows in an email; post them to Facebook, YouTube or a portable device; make them available online; and turn them into HTML files, screensavers, and interactive CDs and DVDs. You also have the option to print picture slideshows if you want.

This slideshow software lacks the ability to publish image slideshows in high definition (HD). As a result, the software's slideshow quality is good but not great. Many of the higher-ranked products on our lineup offer HD output.

You can find an impressive FAQs section on the company's website. The FAQs are broken down into several categories, including General Questions, Installation, Template, Clipart, Video, Song and Music, CD and DVD, and Sharing Album Online. While these sections cover a broad range of the topics, there aren't many questions within each section. The only other customer service tool that is present on the website is a contact form. There is no phone support.

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InAlbum photo slideshow software produces slideshows with impressive backgrounds without having too many features to bog you down. However, that simplicity comes with a cost. There are not as many editing tools and customization options for your photo slideshow as there are in higher-rated applications. InAlbum does a decent job creating slideshows that you can share with your loved ones.

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