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PhotoStage Slideshow review

PhotoStage Slideshow is a simple, effective, low-cost way of making slideshows - here's our take on it.

PhotoStage Slideshow review
(Image: © NCH)

Our Verdict

PhotoStage Slideshow has excellent creative tools in addition to numerous input and output capabilities for easy uploading and sharing of your photo slideshows.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Loads of transitions and effects


  • Not many filters
  • Basic for some needs

PhotoStage Slideshow's basic design makes it one of the easiest photo slideshow creators to use. It offers a variety of input and output options as well as editing tools for images and music. It offers a good range of simple transitions, and we recommend it to people who want to make basic, no-nonsense projects. It's our budget pick among the best photo slideshow software packages right now, because it's very cost effective.

PhotoStage Slideshow review

(Image credit: NCH)

While testing PhotoStage, we found that this slideshow maker contains most of the basic tools we look for in the best slideshow software, such as timing controls that allow you to choose how long each slide is displayed. There are a good range of transition and, while basic, aren’t as tacky as what’s offered in some other programs so they won’t distract from your images. There is no limit to the number of images you can place in the slideshow.

This software offers a basic wizard, but we found it easy enough to use without it. It was easy to add video clips and music to our slideshow. You can use this software to determine what parts of video clips appear in your show so you won’t need expensive video editing equipment to make it work. We also used the Narrate button to record and add dialogue to specific images, which can enhance your project.

While PhotoStage does offer some editing tools, they match the rest of the program in being super basic. You can crop and rotate your images or use adjustment sliders to determine the contrast, brightness and hue of your images. The program takes a second to process your adjustments, but they turn out well once they’ve been applied.

This photo slideshow maker doesn't have text animations, which give you the ability to create animated, dynamic text captions and slideshow backgrounds. If you are interested in a program with lots of backgrounds and themes, something like Movavi is the way to go.

This photo slideshow creator supports all popular audio, image and video input formats for PCs and Macs. During playback, the slideshows are sharp, smooth and high definition. You can burn your slideshows to a digital disc as well, including an interactive CD, DVD or Blu-ray. You should be aware there is a slight loss in quality during playback in the software's preview window. However, this noticeable difference did not appear in the finished slideshow we exported as a Windows Media video file.

PhotoStage Slideshow review

(Image credit: NCH)

When you are done creating your projects, you can share them directly on YouTube, Flickr or Facebook. You can also choose to export the files in specific smartphone and tablet formats.

We were impressed by how good the free version is too. It contains a large number of features present in the premium version, and you can use it to create slideshows for non-commercial purposes. The full version is only around $40, making it one of the cheaper options on the market. And despite this low cost, it's actually a little more powerful than most, while remaining easy to use. In this sense, it's highly recommended.

Should you buy PhotoStage Slideshow?

PhotoStage Slideshow is decent, though a little basic. The application provides prolific design features and a sophisticated user interface that is easy to navigate – so much that you likely won't need to make use of tutorials or support. It has good quality transitions, good export functions, and the free version is actually very useable. If you want a photo slideshow app that is simple but still provides professional results, we recommend this program.