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Spotify Premium's free trial period now extends to a tempting three months

(Image credit: Spotify)

Spotify has expanded its free trial period for Spotify Premium to three months in a bid to entice new subscribers.

Previously, potential Spotify Premium subscribers were able to take advantage of a one month free trial, but the company is upping the ante in the face of fierce competition from rival services like Apple Music.

While Spotify enjoys a sizeable paid-for user base of 100 million people, Apple Music has made significant headway since its launch in 2015 and already boasts some 60 million members.

Spotify, by way of comparison, launched in 2006. 

Unlike Apple Music, it also offers a free tier for listeners, which is ad supported and doesn't offer features like the ability to skip tracks or download music for offline listening.

An offer you can't refuse?

Interested? You can check out Spotify Premium on a free three month trial right now, with the deal available for both individual and student plans.

The one caveat is that the offer is technically only available to people who "haven't already tried Premium."

However, existing subscribers may also be able to take advantage of the deal by signing up with a different email than the one linked to their existing or previous Premium account. 

Also, if you're looking to bag some free end of summer tunes, remember that you'll need to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription one month before the free trial period ends otherwise, you'll be automatically billed for the usual Spotify Premium price, which is $9.99 a month.