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The Best Free Photo Slideshow Software

Do you like taking photos? Is videography your hobby of choice? Are you looking for a great way to display your work? Photo slideshow software enables you to preserve your photo and video memories for a lifetime. Moreover, much of the software out there is free. 

With this software, you are the designer. You decide on the transitions, effects and backgrounds for your slideshows. There are many types of software available depending upon whether you are a beginner or a professional. 

Here are just some of the best photo slideshow makers available for free today. (Alternatively, take a look at the best photo book services and create a beautiful album out of your photos.)

Freemake Video Converter is slideshow software that has some excellent advantages. It has many formats to save video and different transitions. Its interface is simple to use, and it offers the option of adding a music file. You can create a beautiful slideshow with this user-friendly software in three easy steps. Add your pictures, add a music file, and choose the format. Want to upload your slideshow to YouTube? You can do this right from the program; just click  to YouTube  and enter your YouTube account data.

MovieMaker is a free Microsoft product. The benefit of this software is that its interface is similar to other Microsoft tools. It is easy to understand and manipulate, and is excellent software with which to create professional slideshows. You can add photos, videos, narration and animation, and preview the slideshow at any time. You can save the slideshow in MP4 or WMV formats and preset the format for different formats like Apple.

Wondershare Fantashow is great software to create memorable slideshows for important events like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. The most significant advantage of this software is that it provides a generous amount of style formats. Express your creativity and uniqueness with this stylish slideshow creator. Choose your themes, music, effects and settings. Its user-friendly application is top-notch. Just select your photos and drop them in. The software provides different formats for output (iPhones and iPads).

Socusoft Photo to Video Converter is another fantastic user-friendly program to create amazing video slideshows. You can build a memorable slideshow in four simple steps: add photos, select transition and music, preview, and output video. A unique and beneficial feature of this software is the drag-and-drop application. You can drag and drop photos from your folder to a slideshow as well as drag and drop transition effects between images. You also can record your voice for narration of the slideshow as well as add your songs as background music. This software has optional in/out fading and loop audio.

There are many benefits to free photo and video slideshow software. You can create slideshows that capture your most precious and important life events; share them with friends and family on Facebook or YouTube; and use your artistic style to make amazing slideshows that provide beauty, memories, smiles and enjoyment that lasts a lifetime.