Why Therabody’s new massagers are a must for home gyms AND home offices

Why Therabody’s new massagers are a must for home gyms AND home offices
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Therabody is well-known for its stellar massage guns designed to supercharge post-workout recovery, and now it’s bringing all that relaxing, vibrating magic to the home working crowd too with the release of the Therabody Wave Solo and Wave Duo. Naturally, both are designed to be used as part of your fitness regime too, just like the brand’s other devices including the Therabody Mini, our top pick of the best handheld massagers

Working from home has its freedoms for sure, but it can literally be a pain in the neck and back for people who don’t have an ergonomic home office setup. The Therabody Wave Solo and Duo could make all the difference here, as these small vibration therapy devices have been created to target a range of troublespots on your body. We’re talking neck, shoulders, and upper and lower back. 

The Wave Duo is ergonomically contoured to the back, spine and neck, and sports five different levels of vibration. Couple that with what Therabody describes as “high-traction wave grooves” and you have the perfect recipe for quickly releasing soreness and reducing tension; ideal after a long day at your desk, or after an intense home workout. The Wave Solo is the smaller of the two, yet it can still dish out three different vibration frequencies for fast, targeted relief.

The Wave Solo is priced $79/£69, while the Wave Duo costs $99/£89. Both are part of the Therabody Wave series and are available to purchase in the UK now, while the Solo will be released in the US shortly.

Why Therabody’s new massagers are a must for home gyms AND home offices

The Therabody Wave range now includes (from left to right), the Wave Roller, the Wave Duo and the Wave Solo.  (Image credit: Therabody)

A must-have for home offices and gyms

It’s easy to get ourselves in a twist when working from the bed or sofa, or even if we’re sitting down too long during the day - all common reasons why more people are switching over to using standing desks instead. If you are finding yourself at the mercy of ‘tech neck’ most days, the Therabody Solo and Wave could be worthy additions to your home working wellness routine. They are small enough to sit between you and your home office chair, and the Solo utilizes QuietRoll Technology to keep the noise down while vibrating and massaging your pains away. 

Both devices are Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled via the Therabody app (iOS, Android). The Wave Duo looks especially good for nestling behind your back when sitting in your chair, while the Wave Solo can be popped under your foot to release any pain or tension there, as well behind your neck, thighs, arms or back to target different muscles 

Of course, both vibrating rollers can be used to reduce muscle soreness after exercise, making either a brilliant addition to your home gym too. While they aren’t as powerful as the much larger (and far more expensive) Theragun percussive massagers, the Therabody Wave Solo and Duo are designed to increase blood flow pre- and post-workout. This helps you warm up for exercise and warm down afterwards, not to mention speed up your recovery. As we know from personal experience, this type of vibration therapy can also reduce the dreaded Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). 

Both are made with a smooth-touch textured silicone outer and are fully rechargeable, with a battery life of 200 minutes per full charge. They are also covered by a one-year limited warranty, and come with a travel pouch to keep them clean between uses. 

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