Theragun launches new handheld massagers to ease post-workout muscle soreness

Theragun reveals new handheld massagers to ease post-workout muscle soreness
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Wellness company Theragun has rebranded itself as Therabody, and is now expanding its range of handheld massagers to include new Bluetooth-enabled percussive massagers, in addition to a brand-new range of organic CBD products to launch this summer. Therabody’s massage guns are designed primarily to target post-workout muscle soreness and relieve muscle tension, and have attracted an Instagram-friendly fanbase across the globe.

New to the Therabody fold is the Theragun Mini ($199/£175), a small percussive massager capable of delivering the same muscle treatment as Therabody’s larger handheld massagers. It’s not quite as ‘pocket-sized’ as Therabody says, but the new portable size is impressive considering the technology inside. Use it on the go, at home, in the office or at the gym (when they finally re-open) for muscle relief and relaxation when needed.

The Theragun Mini uses the same QuietForce Technology as its bigger siblings, and runs for up to 150-minutes per full charge. An ergonomic grip makes it easier to handle, and you can choose between three different levels of speed, depending on the relief you need: 1,750, 2,100 and 2,400 percussions per minute. Considering how small the Mini is, that’s pretty impressive – it’s the same maximum speed offered by Therabody’s flagship handheld massager (see below).

Theragun reveals new handheld massagers and TheraOne CBD range

(Image credit: Therabody)

Also launching this summer is the Therabody Wave Roller ($149/£125), a smart vibrating foam roller created to supercharge your warm-up before exercise, and to boost your recovery post-workout by increasing blood flow to your muscles and releasing tension and tightness. It could be the ultimate warm-down tool for runners, and offers wireless charging and app-control via the Therabody app (iOS, Android).

In addition to the Theragun Mini, Therabody has introduced its new fourth-generation massage guns: Theragun PRO ($599/£549) and the Theragun Elite ($399/£375). The PRO is a powerful yet quiet commercial-grade deep muscle treatment to reduce muscle soreness, improve overall mobility and relaxation, and is often used by pro-level athletes and those who workout religiously and need faster recovery.

The Theragun Elite is one of Therabody’s most popular and accessible handheld massagers, and offers powerful muscle treatment and tension relief. Sound insulation keeps the vibrating, percussive noise to a minimum, with an OLED screen displaying the ‘Force Meter’ – basically, how hard the massager is working your muscles, up to a maximum of 40lbs of force. 

The more simplified, app-connected Theragun Prime ($299/£275) completes the line-up. In addition to the new products, the revamped Therabody app provides massage routines based on various ailments, body parts and workouts, advising users on the ideal length of treatment time, and the speed for that specific muscle or ailment.

Therabody TheraOne organic CBD range

(Image credit: Therabody)

Therabody's new TheraOne organic CBD range

This summer, Therabody is also launching its brand-new range of organic CBD products called TheraOne. The brand is awaiting FDA approval for its CBD ‘recover, relax and revive’ products, which include a Soothe CBD massage Oil, Revive CBD Body Balm, and a Recover CBD lotion. 

Better sleep is a major area targeted by CBD products, so it’s no surprise to see that the TheraOne line also includes a Sleep CBD tincture. If you’re having trouble sleeping, we’d recommend looking at the best mattress and the best pillows for various sleep styles and postural needs, as a poor mattress or unsuitable pillow can really affect your sleep quality and duration. 

TheraOne’s CBD range is formulated using patent-pending Biosorb Technology, which, according to Therabody, maximizes ‘the absorption of all the natural benefits the plant has to offer.’ The range, cultivated in Colorado, the first US state with state-level hemp regulation, has been in development for two years and will include five new proprietary full-spectrum CBD products that are all-natural and toxin free.

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