These cleaning hacks for the bathroom will leave it sparkling

Cleaning hacks for bathroom
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Looking for some cleaning hacks for the bathroom to help save time and give your washroom the best clean its ever had? Well, you can thank us later for these clever bathroom cleaning hacks that can spruce up anything from your bathroom bin to your shower screen.

Whether you're simply looking to brush up on the latest cleaning know-how, or your bathroom is in such a state that you're thinking about getting one of the best mold test kits, we've taken a deep dive into the best ways to clean your bathroom. 

Kaylie Ross runs the domestic cleaning business Peachy Clean Carlisle. As a professional cleaner she shares her top cleaning hacks for the bathroom on Instagram at @peachyclean_carlisle. Here, she gives us the low down on why it’s so important to keep your bathroom clean.

Due to the nature of their regularly damp condition “bathrooms produce lots of bacteria, mold & mildew. Keeping on top of your bathroom cleaning will reduce this.”

Her tips for keeping germs at bay are to “remember to clean those shower plugs or sink plugs, as you’d be surprised what’s under them, and keep your bathroom vented with an open window”.

So how often should we be cleaning our bathrooms? Kaylie recommends that we should be tackling the task “at least twice a week” with a “quick wipe down of toilets daily” if you really want to stay on top of bathroom germs. 

Cleaning hacks for the bathroom

Get to grips with cleaning hacks for the bathroom that you can use all over yours, from the shower to the bath to the bin. Read on to find out some creative methods that you might not have thought of, to simplify your bathroom cleaning routine.

Shower screen

Some cleaning hacks for the bathroom require specialist cleaning materials which contain chemicals and come in packaging that isn’t necessarily planet friendly. Not this one! This hack requires only 2 completely natural ingredients: salt and a lemon.

Cleaning hacks for bathroom

From salt and lemon to baking powder, sometimes the most unexpected tools can provide the best results.  (Image credit: Getty Images)

Simply cut the lemon in half and use the flesh side as you would a sponge, scrubbing the salt all over your shower doors. The natural acidity of the lemon and abrasiveness of the salt will strip away any soap scum and the citrus scent will leave your shower smelling lemony fresh. 

Bath, shower and tiles

If you’re sick of cleaning grime and build-up on your shower, we have the answer - don’t give it the chance to build up. Purchase a detergent dispensing scrubbing brush and keep it in the shower. Fill the scrubbing brush with and half and half mixture of white vinegar and dish soap.

Get into the habit of scrubbing down the tiles and bathroom suite with the scrubbing brush for a minute or two after every bath or shower. A few minutes of regular cleansing should keep any build-up to an absolute minimum and save you loads of time you would have spent deep cleaning set-in grime, or even mold.


You might already have cleaning hacks for the bathroom that help with cleaning the inside of your toilet bowl, but how about inside your cistern? It’s a place that is often forgotten and if you have a look inside, the state of it might shock you.

Simply drop in a few tablespoons of citric acid and leave for 1-2 hours. When you come back, flush your toilet, and watch as any gunk or grime falls to the bottom and makes its way out of the tank!

What the expert says…

Kaylie Ross runs the domestic cleaning business Peachy Clean Carlisle. She says that spots such as the underside of sink plugs are damp and often forgotten about, which make them an ideal breeding ground for mold. Regularly cleansing them can help, as can keeping your bathroom well ventilated. 

Shower head

Gravity is not your friend when you’re trying to clean a shower head. As soon as your spray it with disinfectant, it drips back off. Combat this with a shower cap. Spray the shower head thoroughly, then attach a shower cap to it, using an elastic band to fasten it tightly at the top. 

This hack will keep the cleaning product against the water jets where limescale often builds up, sometimes blocking the jets. Let the product work on the shower head for 10-15 minutes and then try scrubbing. Any scale should brush off effortlessly.

Bathroom bin

The bathroom bin is often the culprit of lingering unpleasant odors. Try our nifty cleaning hacks for the bathroom bin, to keep them away. 

Next time you change your bin, sprinkle some baking powder under the bag. Baking powder is notoriously good at absorbing odors and will do so for any in your bin. Go one better and add a few drops of scented essential oil, such as orange or lavender. This will leave your bin will smelling fresh, with all bad smells eliminated.

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